Winning Novice Rider at Del Mar July '97.

You were warned! You won't find a bigger waste of bandwidth anywhere than these pages. See some of my favorite photos of Farli, at events and at home. Farli is rated Grade 2, which means she knows more about this than I do. We spent a year competing at Novice Level, and we're now competing at Training Level.)

Farli on vacation in Santa Ynez.

I started out doing hunters and equitation as a junior rider, and just sort of happened into eventing. I always thought eventing would be too scary and difficult for me, but I never realized how accessible the lower levels were - it's not all about jumping houses. My background in equitation has served me well. Eventing in California means that you do a lot of long-distance hauling, though; with the space necessary for cross-country, we frequently travel to Northern California, sometimes as much as 600 miles. (There's also a lot of equipment to buy!)

See us at Novice Level!

On to Training Level!

See us just hanging out.

See pictures of me as a junior rider in hunters and equitation.
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