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Seasonal Planting Checklist

Checklist for March Zone 9 / Inland and Coastal    


Plant / Purchase: 

  • Plant  trees, vines, shrubs, and groundcovers.
  • Plant citrus, avocado, and macadamia trees.
  • Plant and purchase camellias and azaleas.
  • Plant veggies, indoors and out. 
  • Purchase succulents including cacti and euphorbia. 
  • Purchase cymbidiums.
  • Plant perennials.
  • Plant tomatoes


  • Fertilize roses with epsom salts and deadhead.
  • Fertilize avocado  and decidious fruit trees in coastal zones. 
  • Continue feeding citrus trees in coastal zones.
  • Treat citrus for chlorosis with chelated iron. 
  • Deadhead annual and perennial flowers.
  • Feed epiphyllums for bloom. 
  • Fertilize cymbidiums with high nitrogen food.
  • Feed cineraria.
  • Prune begonias, camellias, cannas, asparagus ferns, ivy, and pyracantha in coastal zones

Remember:  Water all plants and vegetables, except some native plants, if rains are not adequate. Irrigate citrus trees. Check citrus trees for pests. Water plants under eaves where rain cannot reach. Deadhead azaleas and camellias. Control all  pests on all plants and trees with Neem. And, oh yes, mow and water cool-season lawns (you sod lovers!)  

Happy Gardening.

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