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Friday, May 19, 2006

Sharing Sustainable Systems
The Pleasure of Helping to Heal The Earth©
I'm inspired by the power gardening gives us to shape the world  around us, especially where we can transform urban deserts into magical spaces.

It only takes a thousand trees to remove 90 tons of carbon dioxide from our air, every year. We can harness the power of plants to transform these unused spaces.The benefit to us all  is both immediate and long-lasting. changing the way we live and work. A garden is the ultimate renewable resource: socially,  economically, and energy-wise, .

I design landscapes that reflect my client's preferences. The materials used in the garden reflect those used in the interior.  Both garden and landscape are extensions of the house and provide outdoor spaces that are both intimate and timeless.
I am so happy with our backyard, as you know, and told my friends about it. I just put all my photos on the PC, (from my new camera) and wanted to send you the ones I took of our new magical garden, isn't it beautiful? Anyways, thanks again for all the wonderful work you have done here. I love my garden!
Simone Cox
7:59 pm pdt

Friday, May 5, 2006

Reflections on LOHAS 10 Conference
The Joys of Connection and Intention
On April 27 and 28, I was granted a press pass to LOHAS 10 held in Santa Monica, CA. I was the only member of my industry represented!
The LOHAS way is one of following Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability. The panels were composed of representatives of conscious green businesses, writers, entrepreneurs, . It was
stimulating and refreshing to hear people like:
 Dr. James Rouse (primary care naturapathic physician, author, and host of nationally syndicated "Optimum Wellness"), John Picard (architect, builder, entrepreneur, and building efficiency expert), Patricia Aburdene (author, social trend forecaster), Carol Atwood (founder - Spartacus Media Enterprises), Phillipe Costeau (award-winning documentary producer and NPR weekly environmental radio producer), Steve Case (co-founder of AOL and chairman and CEO of Revolution which will "create a revolution in the current health care industry").
  • We are at the tipping point in this new world of "Conscious Consumerism. "Living with your heart and intention" is central to success in taking this movement  to the next level.
  • Giving to something larger than oneself increases  one's health, longevity, and well being (baby boomer concerns!)
  • This new way of entrepreneureal thinking for individuals and communities must include sustainable living, social responsibility, and well designed products that provide good value.
  • Products must include awareness of the impact on the health and well being of all individuals and the planet.

I thank all who shared and reminded me that I am part of an exciting  new wave in business. Keeping this in my mind and consciousness is necessary when communicating my intention and values to new clients. GBD is a Green approach to landscaping and I am proud to be part of "Helping to Heal the Earth©".

4:58 pm pdt

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