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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

So, What Does 'Sheba' Have To Do with Landscaping? Keep Reading.
The Wildlife WayStation (the "WayStation") is a nonprofit corporation that operates a unique animal sanctuary located on 160 acres just north of the San Fernando Valley in the Angeles National Forest, California. Founded in 1976, the WayStation is committed to a two-fold mission:
  • To rescue, rehabilitate, relocate, and provide sanctuary to wild and exotic animals from around the world, as well as native wildlife.
  • To educate the public about the global plight of wildlife, especially near cities.
For the last 28 years Martine Colette has given her life to saving over 78,000 animals.  It costs over  Three Million Dollars a year to keep these animals alive, happy, and healthy in their natural way. Martine is true champion of "Helping to Heal the Earth."
My friend, Kat, volunteers there and took the fabulous photos (more on page two.)
"For the bears, who absolutely LOVE water, we actually have a special  water truck come in to put water into their pools, and then
come back and drain it when they're done playing.This prevents the water from draining into the streams and helps with pollution run-off from the bears."
So what is it that you and I can do?
  • Certainly support those organizations that help to restore balance to our environment, like the Organic Consumer's Organization
  • We can compost our landscape trimmings, grass cuttings, and food scraps. Did you know that "garbage" (food scraps) take up more space in landfills than disposable diapers?
  • Certainly we can stop using toxic chemicals to get rid of garden pests by using  plants that are best for our zone .
  • We can encourage natural predators by selecting plants that attract beneficial insects.
Would you please email me with one or more ways that you, your significant other, a friend, or child  is  "Helping to Heal the Earth." Simply click here and tell me what simple, even small way that you are making a difference. I will put your wonderful sharing in GBD's April Issues. (Two friends who previewed this article have sent me
"earth-friendly actions" that they take!)
9:37 pm pst

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