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Thursday, January 5, 2006

The Power of Choice
Welcome To My Garden
"Ribbit, Ribbit, Ribbit" is music to my ears. ♫♫ It means that my organic landscaping is doing the work of helping to heal the earth. "Mr. Ribbit Green," a PacificTree Frog, has taken up residence in my rear garden. Frogs  are like the canary in a mine, they are the first to react to poisons in the environment. 
At first, I was puzzled at the strange, new sound; it was like the mixture  between a bird's chirp and that of a cricket. It then occurred  to me that in July when I was watering a wall planter, I had seen  a movement out of the corner of my eye.  Gently moving a leaf, wonder of wonders, I saw the tiniest black frog.  He was only 1˝  inches long! It seems that "Mr. Ribbit" is here to stay. Although Ribbit was black when I saw him (only the males make a sound) he is able to change color depending on his surroundings. Ribbit is green in my drawing since I haven't seen him in five months.
Thanks to the very generous help of Ann Lynch of South Bay Wildlife Rehabilitation in Palos Verdes and Tracy Drake of Madrona Marsh Preserve in Torrance , I have learned a great deal about my little friend. To learn more,
about amphibians, check out the Projects Page.
11:11 am pst

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