H.E.L.P. was started by my wife Pat, a nurse, and me, Ed Krimmel, a hypoglycemic. In 1976, after many years of suffering, we discovered I had hypoglycemia . We read all the information available and talked to many, many other people also suffering with Hypoglycemia. When I kept coming across hypoglycemics who didn't know what to do about it and couldn't find reliable information, I decided to take action. We started H.E.L.P. for the purpose of setting up support groups, counseling and making as much information as possible available to those in need . Through research and interaction with other sufferers, we wittnessed people shedding their symptoms, turning their lives around and again becoming productive and creative individuals.

After reading all the books we could find on the subject, we realized that no one book gave all the necessary information nor provided it in an easy to read and understandable format. We decided to undertake a meticulous review of medical and nutritional information and use the knowledge gleamed from dealing with mine and other's hypoglycemica to produce needed informational resources. Subsequently, the materials we produced are the consensus of thousands of people who have stabilized their blood sugar and gone on with their lives to be productive and creative.

It has been said in truth, if you want to know about a condition ask those who suffer with it.

Originally H.E.L.P.'s sole focus was the hypoglycemic community. Now we also focus on the cholesterol and celiac/sprue(gluten intolerance) communities. All of these conditions are in our family.

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