The mission of the USS Ronald E. McNair is to lift the ideals of its namesake, astronaut-physicist, Dr. Ronald Erwin McNair, while establishing that Star Trek/science-fiction fans can be found amongst all racial and ethnic cultures; among all walks of life; and that fans care about the earth-bound realities that define the conditions where they live.

The USS McNair will participate in educational, public service, and charitable events that enhance the urban community, and/or that benefit humankind; will provide a creative and recreational forum for Star Trek, space exploration, and science fiction enthusiasts; will promote the concept of Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations (IDIC) by encouraging personal excellence, positive self-esteem, ethnic pride, and appreciation for other cultures.

[Drawing of the USS McNair,
NCC 74657]

A Brief History

January 28, 1993: Founded - USS Ronald E. McNair NCC-849D; Captain, Joyce Irwin; First Officer, Walt Cooper; Engineering Chief, Kevin Johnson; Ship's Counselor, Sabrina Johnson. Five crew members.

January, 1993: Affiliated with the "Starfleet Command" fan club.

March, 1993: USS McNair publicly introduced at a Creation Convention in Boston. Michael Dorn ("Lt. Worf") and Whoopi Goldberg ("Guinan") inducted into the Diplomatic Corps as Ambassadors (i.e., honary members of the USS McNair). Dorn's honary membership presented to the actor at the convention.

June, 1993: several members met with Cheryl McNair

October, 1994: McAuliffe Challenger Center Open House

December 8, 1994: several crew members participated in a shuttle "flight" at the Challenger Learning Center at Framingham State College

January 28, 1995: the crew presented a program, honoring the legacy of the late Dr. Ronald E. McNair, at the Boston Public Library. Over 50 people attended the multimedia presentation, with astronaut's videos, transcripts, still photographs, and film.

July 28, 1995: Captain Joyce Irwin and Freddie Harris (formerly Commander of Starbase V) married and relocated to Colorado. Captain Joyce Harris assigned to the Daystrom Institute.

August 1, 1995: the new command team members installed: Captain, Kevin Johnson; First Officer, George Jenkins; Chief Medical Officer, Sabrina Johnson.

September, 1995: The USS McNair resigned from the "Starfleet Command" fan club. Ship's identification changed to NCC 74657 and Intrepid Class. Several crew members independently joined "Starfleet, The International Fan Club."

January 27, 1996: Crew members from the USS Christa McAuliffe and the USS Ronald E. McNair presented a tribute to the entire NASA shuttle Chalenger crew, on the 10th anniversary of the shuttle disaster, at the Boston Public Library.

January, 1996: the comunity program initiated to send manufacturers' coupons to military families overseas.

February - March, 1996: Marina Sirtis appeared in the play "Loot" at the Hartford Stage in Hartford, Connecticut. Several crew members attended.

June 13, 1996: several crew members participated in shuttle "flight" at the Challenger Learning Center at Framingham State College

December, 1996: crew voted to resign from the "Starfleet, The International Fan Club" and to operate independently without any club affiliations. 12 crew members.

July 2, 1997: the USS McNair's web site debutes on the World Wide Web.

January 31, 1998: the USS McNair's crew accompanied by family and friends, celebrated the 5th Year Aniversary with a party at Weylu's Restaurant in Saugus, Mass. Several crew members were honored with the First Annual "Go Boldly" awards.

April, 2001. The USS McNair crew visited "Sin City" or Las Vegas, Nevada. We toured several casinos and hotels, including the Star Trek Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel and Casino complex.

August, 2001. USS McNair crew member Val "The Klingon" Hope passes from cancer.

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