USS MCNAIR: APRIL 22 - 25, 2001

In April 2000, the crew of the USS Ronald E. McNair scifi club, our friends, and science-fiction fans will travel to Las Vegas, Nevada. This is a chance to meet other people with similar interests and experience all that Las Vegas has to offer:
[Starbase Vegas]

  1. Four days and three nights in Las Vegas!
  2. Visit the Star Trek museum and amusement ride at the Las Vegas Hilton hotel and casino!
  3. Browse the shops at the Deep Space Nine Promenade, including Moogie's Trading Post and Zek's Emporium
  4. Eat and drink at Quark's Bar
  5. Tour famous places such as the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam
  6. Tour the Las Vegas Strip and the wide variety of hotel/casinos
  7. Experience the nightlife including comics, entertainers, and shows such as Cirque de Soleil
  8. Gamble, if you so desire
  9. Lounge around the hotel pool, or play golf and tennis

Our Itinerary
Here are the away mission details:

While most US McNair crew members live in Boston, other members will join us from other cities. Contact our travel agent directly for help wth your specific travel needs. You should contact Mr. Emilio Valdez directly at Atlantic Travel, Inc.

How to Book Travel
It's easy! Here's how:

1. Send your payment or deposit now to reserve your room and flight. The payment schedule is:
Deposit of $100/person due: now
Final Payment due: February 21, 2000 (e.g., 60 days before departure)

2. Make your check payable to "Atlantic Travel" and send it to:
Mr. Emilio Valdez
Atlantic Travel, Inc.
1437 Dorchester Avenue
Dorchester, MASS. 02122
Phone: (617) 825-7010. Fax: (617) 825-6680.
E-mail: atlantictravel@us.amadeusmail.com

3. Include the following information with your payment or deposit:

Got questions? We have answers!

4. You can also pay with plastic: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Cards. You can make credit card payments by phone or by fax. Use the method that is most convenient. Please have ready all of the information requested in step #3 above, plus your full name, credit card number, and card epiration date. The fax number for Atlantic Travel, Inc. is (617) 825-6680.

Currently, this Web site does not provide secure payment transactions via the Internet. Do not send credit card information in an email message.

5. If you plan to pay in installments, the payment schedule is:
Deposit of $100/person due: now
Final Payment due: February 21, 2000 (e.g., 60 days before departure)

Got questions? We have answers! We hope that you'll join us in Las Vegas in April. Resistance is futile!

Founded in 1993, The USS Ronald E McNair is an urban STAR TREK fan organization for adults interested in STAR TREK, and its series: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Classic Trek, and the movies. We are based in Boston, and serve the Boston and Eastern Massachusetts areas. Our sci-fi club, or "ship," is named after the late Dr. Ronald E. McNair.

The USS McNair is organized around Star Trek, as presented in the television series and films. Many USS McNair crew members are interested in other science fiction and science genres; including but not limited to Babylon 5, The X-files, NASA, space exploration, personal computers, the Internet, and WWW sites with TREK content.

Got questions? We have answers!

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