Many people visit our open meetings first. We meet on the second Sunday of the month, at 3 PM. For more information contact our Captain, Kevin Johnson, or our First Officer George Jenkins. You can also contact us via subspace communications, or via surface "snail mail" at:

USS Ronald E. McNair
P.O. Box 255159
Boston, Mass. 02125-5159

When you join the USS McNair, your membership provides you with:

  1. an annual subscription to INTERCOM, the USS McNair's quarterly fan-zine, containing news frow the world of TREK, science fiction, television, Internet resources, TREK & science fiction events, the best regional and fan-produced conventions, space exploration, and humor;
  2. an opportunity to meet other fans and to exchange ideas and interests;
  3. an opportunity to participate in "away missions" or field trips related to Star Trek, space science, science fiction, or conventions;
  4. an opportunity to create and participate in polls or other interactive Internet events;
  5. an opportunitiy to pursue your TREK, video, science fiction, sci-fi authors, or space exploration interests with similar minded fans.

    Previous away missions have included picnics, a visit to Otis AFB on the Cape, regional TREK conventions, miniature golf outings, joint activities with other TREK and science-fiction clubs, and a trip to the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas. Our community service activities include mentoring inner city youth and coupon distributions to military families overseas.

    USS Ronald E. McNair Membership Application

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    Membership desired (check one): [ ] Individual ($15/yr) [ ] Family ($20/yr)
    Name (Mr/Ms): ___________________________________
    Address: ________________________________________
    City: ______________________________ State: _________
    Zip: ______________ Phone: (____) ______ - __________

    Total Amount Enclosed: $ _________
    Please make your check or money order payable to the "USS Ronald E. McNair" and mail it to us at:

    USS Ronald E. McNair
    P.O. Box 255159
    Boston, Mass. 02125-5159

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