1. I've never been to Las Vegas. What do I need to know?
It's pretty simple. Our travel agent has secured a package deal that includes both air travel and lodging. You pay for meals and any activities. We suggest that you read this entire page. It contains answers to all of the questions you'll probably ever ask. It'll save you time later.

2. How much will the trip cost?
Surprisingly less than you'd think. The Away Mission to Las Vegas page lists all of the major costs. Our travel agent has secured a really good deal. You can make all of your travel arrangements directly with our travel agent, Emilio Valdez at Atlantic Travel, Inc. [Top of Page]

3. Do I have to pay in full, or can I pay over time?
Pay which ever way is best for you. You can pay by check or with a credit card (e.g., Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card). For more information, visit the Away Mission to Las Vegas Page.

4. When do I have to decide?
The sooner the better. Las Vegas is a very popular travel destination. The airplane does fill up and if you wait too long, you may have to take a different and more expensive flight. [Top of Page]

5. I've heard about vacation protection insurance. Do I need it?
It's probably a good idea to get vacation insurance. That way, if an emergency happens and you can't go, you won't lose any money you've paid for the trip. Ask our travel agent for details.

6. Is this trip only for Star Trek fans?
No. It is open to scifi fans. We are a friendly bunch. Our interests go far beyond Star Trek. This trip is a good chance to meet other scifi fans and people with similar interests. [Top of Page]

[Starbase Vegas] 7. What events are scheduled during the trip?
Of course we are going to the Star Trek Exhibit and amusement at the Las Vegas Hilton Casino/Hotel. We have not yet set an exact date or time. If you have any suggestions, please share them with us.

8. What do I need to pack?
The essentials include at least two swim suits, four t-shirts, four shorts, walking shoes, waterproof walking shoes, and sun-screen. If you plan to hike the Grand Canyon, then hiking shoes are essential. Some of the dinner entertaiment events require appropriate attire (e.g., a dress or a coat and tie), but Las Vegas is a place where you can dress casually. [Top of Page]

9. I need to cancel my reservations. What should I do?
Hopefully, you have purchased vacation insurance. YOu should contact our travel agent, Emilio Valdez at Atlantic Travel, Inc., immediately.

10. Can I bring children?
While Las Vegas advertises itself as a place for families, the city's focus is gambling. The city has many attractions for children and families. However, you must be at least 21 years of age to enter a casino. All of the major hotels have casinos. Often, it is difficult to walk places without passing through a casino. The MGM Grand Hotel/Casino provides resources for families. [Top of Page]

11. How do I add more people to my hotel room?
Ask our travel agent, Emilio Valdez at Atlantic Travel, Inc., for more information. Additional charges may apply.

12. How much cash do I need to bring?
The great thing about Las Vegas is how cheap food is. Almost all of the hotels have discount buffets to attract visitors to their casinos. So, you can eat at the buffets for not a lot of money; maybe $25 a day total. You do have to pay for tips, drinks, and any tours or sight-seeing activities. To get a full description, we recommend a high-quality travel guide such as Fodor's. Your local bookstore also carries many print travel guides. [Top of Page]

13. I have special dietary requirements. What should I do?
This is a situation travel agents handle often. You should contact our travel agent, Emilio Valdez at Atlantic Travel, Inc. Please inquire early.

14. Can I arrive a day before thescheduled trip?
Absolutely. You can customize and extend your vacation. When you book your travel with Atlantic Travel, indicate that you wish to stay a few days before or after in Las Vegas. You will have to pay for the extra night(s) lodging. Other conditions and restrictions may apply. Please inquire early. [Top of Page]

15. Can I make travel arrangements on my own or with my own travel agent?
Absolutely. Just have your travel agent contact Atlantic Travel if you want to stay in the same hotel/casino complex. With over 5,000 rooms, the MGM Grand Hotel/Casino is the largest hotel in Las Vegas. Since the hotel complex sits on 16 square city blocks, we've asked our travel agent to coordinate room assignments so we can easily find each other in this enormous hotel.

16. To go on the trip, do I have to be a member of your scifi club?
Of course not! Friends, scifi fans, family, and coworkers are all welcome. We are a very friendly bunch. Come travel with us and join the fun! [Top of Page]

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