The Golden Gate Bridge at sunrise. I arrived at the bridge at 7 AM on 12/29. I hoped I could capture the sunrise and the bridge. The location was Point Bonita near the Point Diablo light house on the Marin side of the bridge. As it got lighter, I realized that I had gambled and lost as the sun was rising far to the right and would not be in the image at all. As I watched the bay get lighter, I saw a very good image developing with pink-red colors in view. I took a reading with my spot meter on of the rocks in the foreground and used that reading for the rest of the image. It was pretty cold that morning and I'm glad I have something to show for my efforts. As usual I was using my Mamiya 645 Super camera in manual mode. The camera was on a tripod with a cable release to minimize vibrations from the photographer. The Mamiya camera has interchangeable film backs. With this feature, I can have color transparency film in one back and color negative in the other back. I can even carry black and white film in a third back if I want to cover all lighting situations.