San Bruno Dog Park

The new San Bruno Dog Park is at Commodore Lane and Cherry Ave. in San Bruno

This wide view was taken at the slightly elevated corner of the park on 5/10/2006. The surface of this completely fenced run is grass with a concrete path. There is ample shade. This small park has the usual amenities of benches, scoopers, bags, waste cans, water for the canines and humans. The water flow for the canines is inadequate. The water fixture appears to be an unfinished plumbing job with the water pipe for the dogs cut with tin shears and crimped for a small water flow. The San Francisco International Airport rumway is 1.6 miles away and while at the dog park expect a sudden sound of a BIG jet leaving SFO. Conversation between the jets at this park usually covers the benefits of the old park. Next to the big dog section (in backgound of photo) is a small dog park whose area approximates the big dog section. In the photo, Tiger is along the fence on the left wearing a blue color and Tiger appears again on the far right in this multi photo composite.

Directions to the park

The dog park is easy to find as US380 is only 100 ft. from the dog park (on right outside photo view). From 101 north or south get on Rt 380 and exit to El Camino Real turning right if coming from San Jose or turning left to El Camino north after exiting Rt 380 if coming from Rt 280. Turn right at Commodore Drive. Commodore Drive merges with 3rd Street West and then continues to the left to the dog park. There is ample parking for the park and a sign next to the dog park double gate explains the dog park rules.











Last change: 5/19/2006