This panorama shows the main park. The little dog park is adjacent to the right by the entrance (not visible). The center of the park is decomposed granite with a grass border. This design works well but during the rainy season, a temporary fence is put in place to protect the grass from foot traffic damage. This cuts the usable area by more than half. On the right is one of the lagoons. Another lagoon is in the background of this photo. Radio Road enters the photo on the left, and there is a stop sign in the background. There are a limited number of parking spots by the entrance. Additional parking is available along the road adjacent to the park. To get there, take 101 north from the south bay and exit at Holly. Go right to the Redwood Shores Parkway for 2.4 miles to Radio Rd. Turn right on Radio Rd. to the stop sign and turn right again. The entrance to the dog run is a short distance from the stop sign on your right. There is a large double gate area with an entrance to a small dog and regular sized dogs. However, a few people let their small dogs into the big dog area and there have been some problems. The small dogs don't think they are small and sometimes like to mix it up with bigger dogs. Most of the time, this is not a problem except in the eyes of the small dog owners. However, some large dogs regard small dogs as prey and then there is a problem. If the humans would take advantage of the small dog part, there would not be the angry exchange between the humans when problems arise. Visitors may wish to wear warm clothing as there usually is a brisk wind that may be refreshing in the hotter months but for now you'll need adequate clothing in the late afternoon. The police regularly check the park as it is rather isolated. The proximity of the lagoons on both sides of the park brings many sea birds flying over now and then. There is a bulletin board with the names of some of people to contact about complaints or compliments For more on the Redwood Shores dog run, take a virtual visit:

Directions to the park.

Take the Holly exit off 101 to the Redwood Shores Parkway (east) for 2.3 miles. The road narrows to 2 lanes from the divided 4 lanes

before the Radio Road turn (turn right -the only way). Turn right at the next stop sign. The dog park entrance and parking is about 100 yards further.


Last change 2/22/2005