Mountain View Dog Park

The new dog park in Mountain View opened in October and Maggie and Tiger paid their first visit in December. The park has big and small dog enclosures. The entrance to the park is through a double gate. The surface in both areas is decomposed granite. There are sprinkler heads to keep the dust down.

There are benches in both areas that have wood seats, but the frame is made of metal. Both areas have water for the humans and dogs. Unfortunately, the fountain area is poorly designed. Excess water flows from the drinking fountains that are surrounded by concrete into the DG and created a muddy area that is always attractive to dogs.

The parking lot is unpaved but does have Port O Let which makes this park unique. The parking lot is elevated from the dog run, but there is a ramp to the gate for wheelchair access. There are pooper scoopers and plastic bag dispensers.

Although there are trees which may provide shade when they mature, there is also a 12 by 12 feet covered area inside the park containing a picnic table. This structure will be useful on rainy days. Too bad other parks don't have something like this as many dog owners are not deterred by a little rain and visited the dog run rain or shine.

This photo was taken 12/9/2000 at 1 PM on a cloudy day. Maggie and Tiger in the middle. The shelter is left of center. The double gate area is right of center and the little dog run is on the right behind the bench.



Take 101 and exit at Shoreline to the east. Take Shoreline for 1.1 miles

to North Road and turn right. North Road is near the entrance to the

amphitheater. There is a sign directing to the dog run.

For photos of the grand opening on October 7 click on this link:

Modified 2/22/2005