Foster City Dog Park

Maggie visited the new dog park in Foster City, CA at Boat Park. There is a little dog park and big dog park with double gates. There are gates at both ends of the park. The surface in the double gate area is concrete so no mud puddles will form here. There is no shade. Perhaps the trees will come later. The surface in the big dog section is a mix of gray decomposed granite (called decomposed gold dust) and synthetic turf, brand name FieldTurf. According to the Web site, FieldTurf fibers are made from a polyethylene and polypropylene blend, treated and tufted into a permeable surface backing. The depth of the gray surface is shallow. The little dog run is FieldTurf/ gray decomposed granite combination also. There are benches and a picnic table (both made of metal) and a bulletin board. There are pooper scoopers and plastic bags for clean up and drinking water for dogs and humans. The total area is 20,000 sq. ft. or about 300 ft. by 60 ft. This is the combined small and big dog run area. The big dog area is L shaped. Maggie thought the run was a little small to get a good run going. When there are more than 8-10 dogs present, it's a little crowded for any long distance fetch or Frisbee games. The park is very popular and you can expect a lot of dogs on weekends and at the peak hours of use. Of all the parks Maggie has visited, the Foster City Dog Park is state of the art in dog park design. Humans and dogs will stay cleaner in this park. The park is open 6 AM- 10 PM. The park has light fixtures that are low to the ground (about 4 ft. high) to give dogs extra hours at this park.

Photo taken 11/28/2000 2:30 PM. Maggie in the middle of the northern end of the park. The synthetic grass is in the center. The double gates area is on the right. The gray area behind the double gates is the small dog run. Tiger is on the right. Power lines run over head and the towers are visible in the background. In the rear center is the Foster City Blvd. bridge over a lagoon.



Take 101 and exit E. Hillsdale -

take E. Hillsdale to Foster City Blvd

and make a right at Foster City Blvd.

Continue on Foster City Blvd (0.6 mile) to Bounty Drive

and turn right. Bounty Drive is just before

the bridge over one of the lagoons. After

a short drive of about 100 ft., make left

into the parking lot adjacent to the dog park.





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