If you feel adventurous and want to show your pooch the dog run in Belmont CA, take 101 to the Ralston west exit. Travel on Ralston going west and after crossing El Camino and the Alameda, turn right at Cipriani (traffic light near the fire station). Continue up Cipriani into the hills of Belmont. Turn left on Buena Vista to Monserat. Turn left on Monserat and after a very short distance turn into the entrance to the dog run parking lot. Be careful entering the parking lot driveway. Go very slow unless you want to lose your front end (especially when you leave the parking lot). The lot is behind the Cipriani School. Parking may be difficult because of school activities on a week day.

Map to Belmont DP


Panorama of the Belmont DP taken from inside the small dog section (dirt surface). The decomposed granite surface outside the small dog enclosure needs replenisment as the park is not level and heavy rains produce channels on the surface making walking treacherous in this park.

The entrance to the park does not fill the requirments of the ADA so wheel chair or any other device will not be ble to access the park easily. There are ways to overcome this but they are too convoluted to traverse and add considerable trouble to the journey.

The entrance to the dog run is at the end of the lot and there are five stairs that lead to a path to the double gate of the dog run. There is an adjoining small dog run. There are scoopers and water available. The surface has recently been changed to all decomposed granite. For the humans, there is a bulletin board, chairs, benches and picnic type tables. There are also lights for use in the winter months.

Stefanie Dierolf the current president of the Belmont Bowser Club of the Cipriani Dog Park in Belmont, informs Maggie that the Belmont Bowser Club does actually have picnics in the dog park. Well, actually potlucks. They also have an annual fair that the members put on to benefit rescue groups as well as promote the park. Belmont Bowser Club is very social and civic minded and are very interested in activities that benefit animal welfare, rescue as well as obtain more dog parks in other areas.

Belmont dog park update of May 2007

The surface needs foxtail weeding and a new layer of decomposed granite. All of the trees along the school yard border (on the left in the photo) but in the park have been cut down. The trees provided shade in the park but no longer. The only remaining trees are outside the dog park on the right in the panorama photo above.







Last change 6/12/2007