Mitchell Park News and Dog Run Renovation Plan Progress

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Panorama of Mitchell Park Dog Run at high noon on 7/21/2000.

Set your monitor to get the big picture.

The bare area in front of the benches in the foreground of this wide view is decomposed granite.. The photographer was standing in the shade provided by fir trees. To the left is the water source (Tiger taking a drink). The fence on the left encloses the Adobe Creek which has only a small amount of water now. The main area of decomposed granite is the lighter area in the right background. The only way in is by a double gate on the right (not visible). In the background is the Stevenson House. This is a low income retirement facility. This is one reason for keeping dogs quiet (another oxymoron).

The renovation has been canceled.

We visited Mitchell Park DP and there are no signs of a renovation.

Dog owners now attending Mitchell Park DP knew nothing of any plans.

Since there's no change in Mitchell Park DP since 1996, the plans below

will only come true if the city of Palo Alto spends the money.

New dog park viewing area added

Adjacent to the DP is a DP viewing area with three benches to watch the activity in the DP.

This comfortable oasis in the park was made possible from a generous donation of

Sally Peterson


This is the present design of the dog run.


(buffer zone in the drawing)

The No Mans Land between the DP and the Stevenson House is accessible with the gate now unlocked.

This area about 15 feet wide serves as a cooling off cage and could also be used for small dogs

if they are kept quiet.


Take Action

That was the plan. It still could happen. If you think the renovation should be considered, then talk to:

Chris Rafferty is the City's new Landscape Architect, who is
working on the Mitchell Park renovation, including the Dog Run expansion.
He is located at Lucy Stern office

Steve Sims, Parks Supervisor, (no email address yet)

Paul Dias, Parks and

Richard James, Director of Parks:

Humane Society Dir.:

The plan was to improve the dog run when the whole of Mitchell Park is improved.

Update of--4/28/2007