If you have a small dog, your dog may appreciate Hoover Park in Palo Alto, CA. It's smaller than Mitchell Park Dog Run. People with smaller dogs tend to go there.

This park is good to sit in the shade on a hot day.

Here is the map and directions are below.

Directions to Hoover Park:

From 101, take the Oregon exit. Continue west on the Oregon expressway to Cowper St. Turn left at Cowper. Hoover Park is between Loma Verde and Colorado along Cowper. It is a small park on your right and the Matadero Creek runs along the side of the dog run. Park on Cowper and walk into the park past the little picnic area. The dog run is in a grove of trees. There are 11 trees in the park. It is fenced and there is shade AM and PM which is really nice. It is rectangular and about 30 feet wide by 200 ft.

UPDATE 7/2005

The park dirt surface was covered over with a layer of decomposed granite. The decomposed granite should help prevent mud puddles.