This Web site is dedicated to tourists who want better photos of the Golden Gate Bridge.

All photos by Eric J. Leopold.

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Golden Gate Bridge Photography

California Coastal Records Project

Kenneth Adelman has a complete photo tour of the California coast from

Mexico to Oregon including stunning photos of the Golden Gate Bridge.

For a birds eye view of the GGB click here to go to the opening of the San Francisco Bay:

Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island and Mount Diablo in alignment

Photography by Scott Highton

Virtual Reality views of the Golden Gate Bridge are found at

Scott Highton's page. You can get every view of the bridge.

You can be like a seagull for a birds eye view like no other.

Just use your mouse instead of flying.

The official Web site for the Golden Gate Bridge is found at

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This Photography and Travel Ring site is owned by Eric J. Leopold.
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