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Photos: Return to Nature
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Artist's statement:

In isolated places in British Columbia and Alaska, it’s still possible to find totem poles and other native art in the forest.  After the first delight of discovery, we may feel sad to see the deterioration of the carvings and to realize the art has only a few more years before it disappears.  But to Northwest coast natives --Nuu-chah-nulth, Haida, Tlingit and other tribes—the carvings are returning to their origin, the forest, as part of the cycle of nature.  Their loss represents regeneration.

The traveler on the coast may also find other types of totems, the remnants of past industry such as gold mines, fish canneries, whaling stations and logging camps.  These too are returning to nature. 

These photographs have been on display at Treed Cafe, the Vashon Care Center and at Armchair Sailor.  Black&white hand-colored.

Mortuary Poles , Queen Charlotte Islands

Old Kasaan

Fallen Totem , Friendly Cove, Vancouver Island

Fallen Totem Hands ,Friendly Cove

Locomotive , Skagway

Ninstints , Queen Charlotte Islands

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