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Praise for Hulsizer's writing

Hulsizer is a keen observer, chronicler, and interpreter of the natural and social phenomenon....  She writes so well that the reader experiences a sense of participation in, rather than merely observation of, her adventures afloat and ashore.  

--Chuck Gould, Nor’westing


[Hulsizer] has written two cruising-inspired books, Glaciers, Bears and Totems: Sailing in Search of the Real Southeast Alaska and Voyages to Windward: Sailing Adventures on Vancouver Island’s West Coast, both of which should be in the canon of any cruiser contemplating a trip to either of these fabled areas.  Interestingly, Hulsizer does a great job of blending her degree in oceanography with her sailing experience, yielding writing with strong science and environmental content.

--David Schmidt, 48 Degrees North.

Harbour Publishing (2005)

Excerpts from Reviews of Voyages to Windward


A gorgeous display of color photos throughout makes Voyages to Windwawrd an exciting visual display, spiced with high adventure and not a few practical tips.                             

The Midwest Book Review


If Voyages to Windward doesn’t inspire you to hoist your sails and weigh your anchor for a coastal exploration of your very own, then saltwater doesn’t run in your veins.

Joseph Kula, CanWest News Service


….we wouldn’t even consider sailing the west coast without this invaluable, beautiful, historical book.  Just grab your charts and go!

Jo Baily and Carl Nyberg, 48 degrees North


To put this book in with the usual guides is to put a Sigurd Olson book with a Cub Scout manual on the outdoors; to compare a Herreshoff skiff to a plywood dinghy. …..

Overall, a gem of a book. If you sail or even have any intention of voyaging along the outer coast of Vancouver Island you will need this book. Or you can indulge yourself and buy a copy so you can dream about the journey.

Dee Longenbaugh, Sitka Daily Sentinel and KTOO radio, Juneau



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Harbour Publishing (2010)

Excerpts from Reviews of Glaciers, Bears and Totems
Runner-up: Foreword Reviews' Book of the Year Award, Travel Essays category (2010).
...you are in for a lovely virtual trip....  The writing is not only well researched, but lively and even witty. …All in all, highly recommended..

--Dee Longenbaugh, Sitka Daily Sentinel


“(T)he author and her husband...spent three summers cruising what many consider to be the last frontier, delving deeper into the characters, culture, and abundant natural wonders of Southeast Alaska.  “Was the real Alaska waiting for us?” the author asks in her introduction.  Every reader fascinated with this cruising area will find out in this well-written and entertaining travel book.

--Elaine Lembo, Cruising World


...for every view blocked by a looming cruise ship Hulsizer finds  vision of the real Alaska, and her attention to detail and depth of knowledge of the area paints a compelling picture of the land and sea, as well as its "permanent" residents, human and non.  A trained photographer, Hulsizer fills the hardbound book with page after page of beautiful black and white and color photos to gude readers along Osprey's travels.



Glaciers, Bears and Totems: Sailing in Search of the Real Southeast Alaska is informed, informative, inspired and inspiring, and a welcome addition to community library collections and personal reading lists.

--Midwest Book Review


Glaciers, Bears and Totems: Sailing in Search of the Real Southeast Alaska is Elsie Hulsizer's quest to find the authentic spirit of the north. It is a captivating tale of adventure and discovery that will be enjoyed with or without a sailboat.


Throughout this captivating read, Hulsizer struggles with the question of whether the real Alaska survived the tourist boom. Just when another cruise liner blocks her view, a silver totem reveals itself in the woods. For every encounter with a balding cruise ship passenger, Hulsizer comes across a bald eagle, a spouting whale, or a foraging grizzly. ...


Despite a spike in modern tourist touches, Alaska shows itself to be a place of remains: cabins, canneries, villages ...history. Among the ghosts, Hulsizer discovers the vibrant cultural life that survives in Alaska through the art, festivals, and people who inhabit the surviving towns.

--Northwest Yachting



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