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Writer, photographer, sailor, oceanographer -- in her writing Elsie Hulsizer shares her fascination with natural and human history.  Whether you journey in  your own boat or by cruise ship or armchair, having one of her books along is like having a scientist, historian and storyteller on board.

Harbour Publishing, 2005

An exquisitely crafted story of a quarter-century of discovery that will delight sailors and nonsailors alike. By choosing the difficult windward route, up Vancouver Island’s rugged outer coast, the author and her husband encountered wild weather, interesting characters, and stories of fascinating history. Beautifully illustrated with color photographs.


Elsie Hulsizer acquired her fascination with the sea growing up on the shores of Puget Sound and learning to sail on an 18ft wooden sloop.  That fascination took her to the University of Washington where she earned a master’s degree in biological oceanography, and then to a career in environmental management in Rhode Island, Philadelphia and Seattle. Retired now, she lives in Seattle, cruises every summer and writes in the winter. Her early interest in the sea grew to a fascination with the cultural, geological and historical factors that shape a region.


In 1978-79 Elsie and her husband Steve sailed their Chesapeake 32ft sloop, Velella, from Boston to Seattle via the Panama Canal and Hawaii.  In Seattle they traded Velella for Osprey, an Annapolis 44 sloop which they have sailed extensively in northwest waters. Their journeys have included over twenty visits to the West Coast of Vancouver Island, two visits to Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands) and five visits to Southeast Alaska (the most recent in 2013).


Between sailing adventures on the Osprey, Elsie serves on the Washington State Board of Pilotage Commissioners, which licenses the pilots who guide ships into Puget Sound, and as a member of the Board of Trustees of Seattle’s Center for Wooden Boats.


In addition to her books, Elsie’s articles and photographs have appeared in local and national boating magazines in the U.S. and Canada. 


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Harbour Publishing (2010). Honorable Mention, Foreword Reviews, Travel Essays category

Where to get Hulsizer's Books
Both of my books are available at bookstores and online stores.  If  your local bookstore doesn't carry them, they can order them for you.
In Seattle, both books are stocked regularly at Captain's Supplies new store at 1120 Ballard Wy NW.
Voyages to Windward is available only in paperback, lighter and easier to carry on a boat. Because it's print on demand, it may take longer to order if a bookstore or website doesn't have it in stock.
Both books can also be ordered from Harbour Publishing, which does keep a few copies of Voyages to Windward in stock. Because Voyages to Windward is printed in the US, US residents may find it faster to order from an American bookstore or online store.

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