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NEW! - My Accord mod parts for sale

'99 Accord EX

F23A1 - 2.3L

5 speed

Putting the parts to the test!

"3/99 - 12/03"

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Almost all sold!  New and used parts - as of 11/11/05, still a few left - details here.



Last  news - 12/24/03 - The end of an era - Accord is traded in on a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo! So long, my Honda friend...Details in the Journal


Introduction: This site was dedicated to my first project car - customizing my '99 Honda Accord EX.  This hobby started out innocently enough when I decided to put my usual tweaks on this car.  In the past, I've typically tinted the windows, added some custom wheels, a wing, window visors, and then added a few interior items.  I was looking on the Internet (the real devil in all of this)  for  AutoVentshades-brand window visors when I ended up stumbling upon some Honda after-market parts websites.  Soon my visions of putting on a leather shift knob and calling it a day mutated into some serious research on modifying many systems on the car in an effort to make it a fire breather.  I soon found out that, due to the limitations of both the base engine and the lack of a large after-market demand for such parts, this would never be a road rocket.  However, there still are a lot of performance parts that can be added to give it a little more oomph than what it normally would possess.  Mission: Accomplished.

Description of Links:

Home - You're here!

Background - A little bit about my automotive experiences from 1985 - present.

Modifications - An ongoing list of the parts that I've installed, or had installed on my behalf.

Journal - My stories of parts wrestling, good/bad experiences with brands/vendors, etc.

PhotosStand alone presentation of the photos of the before/after pictures.

Links - Pertinent links to parts suppliers, resources, etc.

Shouts out to Tommy Tran for all his help in getting me started!


Old News:

11/19/03 - 45K service reveals a broken Magnaflow exhaust "B" pipe, the fire sale of parts continues...Details in the Journal

10/19/03 - "That's one angry-looking Honda you've got there, dude...", last Boston BMWCCA event, the end of Project Accord....Details in the Journal

8/12/03 - Racing with Boston BMWCCA, getting "the itch", the decisions...... Details in the Journal

6/30/03 - TYC tail lamps installed, Sparco seat installed (with LOTS of effort)......Details in the Journal

5/6/03 - TYC tail lamps arrive, Velox rims/Kumho tires are in use, all hail the BMW 325i......Details in the Journal

4/27/03 - Velox VX-6R rims and Kumho Ecsta MX tires arrive and are mounted......Details in the Journal

3/31/03 - Solo season is all but cancelled (we lost BOTH our venues!), Phantom Grip still awaits installation, Falkens might be for sale if SOLO season doesn't happen.....Details in the Journal

3/6/03 - Phantom Grip awaits installation, Falken Azenis await installation, another set of Rota Slipstreams (in silver) on order, "melt, damned snow, melt!"...Details in the Journal

12/04/02 - OG Racing saves the day on Sparco, Phantom Grip arrives & surprises, YOU ALL NEED TO RUN ANTI-VIRUS ON YOUR PCs ..Details in the Journal

11/13/02 - Still waiting on Sparco replacement parts from, Phantom Grip ordered, rim & tire plans for next season, winter hibernation begins...Details in the Journal

10/2/02 - Sparco brackets assembly (with pics!), Sparco seat "surprise", Rota Slipstream issues...Details in the Journal

9/18/02 - Sparco brackets arrive, 'Gude' riddance, feeling the love...Details in the Journal

8/20/02 - Still no Sparco brackets, gauges conundrum, Gude & Sparco need some lessons...Details in the Journal

7/11/02 - The long sad tale of Sparco Torino, sway bar advice, head/tail lights issues...Details in the Journal

5/28/02 - Injen CAI installed, first SCCA Solo II competition run, Sparco seat troubles...Details in the Journal

5/21/02 - Rota Slipstreams are mounted, Sparco Torino seat has arrived, NYS inspection passed, Rota photos posted on the Photo page...Details in the Journal

5/15/02 - My mods cause me to fail inspection (!), Rota Slipstreams ready to mount, intake decisions...Details in the Journal

4/19/02 - Rota Slipstreams ordered, AEM CAI Bypass Valve ordered, Spring brings the installation of new parts...Details in the Journal

1/14/02 - Injen Race Division CAI ordered, a visitor reports possible EBC Brake & AEM rotor problems, DC Sports silent on intake problem...Details in the Journal