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Christo & Jason at NHIS


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Ever wonder who you may be helping if you make a donation to Books For Soldiers, or register with Books For Soldiers and send a package to the troops?  You end up helping nice folks like BFS regular "ProudCavMom" and her son. He was deployed to Iraq and had recently returned.  These folks risk a lot in support of our country, and they deserve as much in return as they have offered to us.


Our friend, Nicholas H., designed a t-shirt to commemorate our participation in the 2005 OLA.  We know how to plug!  Thanks to T.S. Harry for the great job of producing the t-shirts.


Christo and Eric warmed up for One Lap competition by snagging a Grand Am victory at an undisclosed track!  Shortly after the picture was taken, Bill Auberlen and Justin Marks chased them down to get their drivers suits back and to get 'em off their podium.


An up-close of the OZs.  Love the groove pattern on the rotor.  It still amazes me how far the front wheels are pushed out to the corner on the E46.  No wonder this platform handles so well.


The 325i is now sportin' the OZ Superleggeras and the OLA rubber.  Hopefully Christo won't wear out the tires before we get to actually use them in competition.


Here's a shoebox full of about 24 magazines, headed to 5 young men recently arrived in Iraq.  It takes about 2 months for Eric to accumulate that many car magazines to ship off.  He included a printout of the ABsolute Puppies home page with a hand written note of encouragement.


No time to waste - The ABsolute Puppies team cannot afford to wait for Spring.  Here, junior crew member Jason Tinkov fine tunes the radio communications equipment in the ABsolute Puppies 325i.


The grocery getter sits on ice, awaiting the 2005 OLOA.  Once thawed, it will reveal itself as a well-balanced track car.  Please note - the front license plate was NOT electronically altered to protect personal privacy: Christo simply drives so fast as to have sandblasted the lettering off the license plate. 


You know you're committed when your tires have the "05 OLOA" designation branded on the sidewall.  The Tire Rack, which sponsors the One Lap event, along with hosting the first and last competitions of the event, provides the tires for One Lap participants.


Christo karting with his son Jason while visiting his native Bulgaria during the summer of 2004. Christo entered a karting race and did very well - he was 5th in Turn 1 of Lap 1 and worked his way to 1st place in the next few laps!  His dad was so proud that he asked Christo to come back in the fall for the Grand Finale (which he declined). The winner of the Grand Finale was awarded a fully paid trip to the Formula 1 race at Indianapolis....



Headline: Christo Tinkov wins the second round

Picture: Winner Christo Tinkov (middle) and runner-ups Dimitar Kostadinov (left) and Ivan Zachariev

Christo Tinkov won the second round of the amateur karting championship at track Lauta. His best lap time was 55.36 sec. Dimitar Kostadinov placed second ahead of Ivan Zachariev. The 3 drivers qualified for the grand final in October ahead of the 6 remaining rounds. The winner of the Grand Final will be awarded a free trip to the Formula 1 race in Indianapolis, second place will be awarded 500 lv (~ $300) and third 200 lv (~ $120). The next round is on June 27.



Christo's 2001 BMW 325i.  We tried to do the BMW 6.1L 12 cylinder engine swap, but there wasn't enough clearance to keep the strut tower bar, so we skipped it.  Besides, who wants 627HP, anyway?


Eric's daily driver and his autocross weapon of choice, a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8.  He competes in A Stock(2003-04) B Street Prepared(2005-06) Street Modified(2007-??) in SCCA Solo competitions.


Eric has attained a Class 1 License in Duct Tape Application. Here he models his artistic interpretation of the cult Japanese hero "ULTRAMAN".  A baseball jacket, gloves, bike helmet, cup, and welding goggles were employed as a base for the duct tape.  As you can tell, Christo will be doing the bulk of the competitive driving...


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