Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy
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"...valuing legal services from both the client's and attorney's viewpoint involves analyzing three key criteria: responsibility, expertise, and productivity...."

"...being responsible ... encompasses the duty of accountability and the attributes of reliability and faithfulness. ... The greater the trust or responsibility placed by the client, the higher the fee that should be charged."

"Attorneys who possess outstanding or unique skills should command the highest price and be of the greatest value, while those with mediocre skills should be entitled to average compensation."

"Productivity ... looks to the lawyer's ability to be productive in furnishing positive legal results, and recognizes that the client is entitled to expect prompt, considerate, and skillful efforts from the lawyer in solving the client's problem."

--Texas Bar Journal July 1992

In hiring an Immigration specialist, you will be placing in that individual the RESPONSIBILITY to do his best to see to it that you, your loved one, or perhaps your employee, will be able to live and work in the U.S. without fear of the Immigration Service saying that the person is not entitled to be here. To achieve this often you need a SPECIALIST. Someone who devotes all his time to keeping up on the ever changing area of Immigration and Nationality Law. You need someone who will be PRODUCTIVE. Someone who will achieve your objective as quickly as is legally possible.

Eugene J. Flynn, P.C. is a sole practitioner. Each case is personally handled by Mr. Flynn, with staff members completing all non-legal aspects of the case. When you hire Eugene J. Flynn, P.C., you know that everything that goes out of this office to a government agency is PERSONALLY reviewed by Mr. Flynn.

As this is a small office, we do not take every case and we do charge a consultation fee to potential clients. Each consultation takes an hour to two hours. All consultations are with Mr. Flynn personally, not with an associate and not with a paralegal. We do not accept everyone we see as a client. We do, however, give complete advise as to the options available to anyone who consults with us. In charging a consultation fee we have no vested interest in encouraging someone to hire us just so we can make up for the time spent on a free consultation. At Eugene J. Flynn, P.C., you get what you pay for.

We encourage you to compare our fees with those of other Immigration specialists. Compare, also what we do for that fee. Our hourly rates are only billed in tenths of an hour, not quarter hours as some firms do. Compare Mr. Flynn's credentials with those of other Immigration specialists. We are confident that when you make an informed decision regarding who you wish to represent you, you will choose this firm.