The EICO HF-81 is one of the all time best integrated tube amplifiers made, competing with far more costly amps!
dedicated to one of the finest sounding integrated amplifiers made 
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- All original -
Mullard tubes  
   Blue "tuning tube"  
Excellent brass 

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You are looking at an excellent example of the EICO HFT-90 FM Mono tuner; partner to the sought after HF-81, a 14 wpc EL-84 integrated amp. This little tuner is all original with a full compliment of MULLARD/EICO tubes. The "blue exclamation point" tuning eye tube works as well, giving the unit a retro look not found in most tuners. As the indicator reaches a station, the tube lights up fully, looking like a blue exclamation point!

This unit is shown above powering my EICO HF-81, a great combo. Has connections for a 300 ohm antenna as well as two outputs (Multiplex for stereo and regular output). I have included shots from nearly every angle of this piece, even removing the bottom plate which still carries the original stickers showing tube type and location, as well as rear panel diagram. Each pic on this page (besides full-size header graphic) links to a full resolution duplicate shot. Please take the time to view.

EICO HFT-90  - Click for full size
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The wiring of this particular HFT-90 looks very professional and all caps appear to be in fine condition. It's a very simple and neat layout, indeed. I pulled in a lot of stations from the PA countryside. The sound is very full, with a lot of warmth and heft, carrying a smoothness that makes instruments and vocals sound more lifelike and palpable. This is the main reason tube components sound less fatiguing and more real than most solid state gear. The human voice is so much more rich through tube units; instrumentally, everything from a tenor sax to a Fender Stratocaster exhibits more body and soul, as the tubes convey the full timbre and richness.

Please click on each of the pictures below for full-size views. The unit has very minor scuffing, commensurate with its age, though still in the 8 out of 10 category appearance-wise. The brass is extremely shiny and comes near a mirror reflection. The only problem with this piece is the dial alignment needs to be adjusted a bit.

Really a treat to have the Mullards all working well... As to why I am selling, I do not have room for this piece and I am forgoing FM at my small apartment since I am concentrating on vinyl and I only have four shelves (Linn LP-12, Rega Planet, Cary SLP-70, EICO HF-81, ASUSA A-4).

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