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Thanks for stopping by to read about and hear some of my music. I am a folk singer who plays guitar and piano, and attempts to play the banjo and mandolin. I play both contemporary and traditional acoustic music, both covers and originals. I also run a small project studio for recording demos. I don't have a real CD yet, but I do have some recordings available online. If you are interested in a real CD rather than mp3s, drop me a line at

What I Do

Coffee Houses - I have played at coffee houses and other venues in the Lehigh Valley and Philadelphia area. This summer I will be heading out to some open mics, including The Point, Cedar Hollow Inn, and Steel City. Stay tuned for more info!

Jewish Music/Songleading - I also specialize in songleading Jewish events. I have worked at Camp Harlam, NFTY, and local synagogues. I currently teach music and help lead Shabbat Services at Beth Chaim Reform Congregation in West Chester, PA. I am generally available for events in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Demo Recording - My little demo studio started out in the living room of my first apartment before moving into the basement of our townhouse. Since we've moved into our house, I am now set up in the spare bedroom! It's just enough for me to lay down some of my acoustic guitar tracks. For the technically inclined, here is some info on the studio.

Some Samples of My Music

Original Songs

Fallen Leaves
lyrics mp3 coming soon

Untitled Instrumental Piece

Family Story
lyrics mp3 coming soon!

Cover Songs

I Am
Words and Music by Richard Shindell

I Don't Like Mondays
Words and Music by Bob Geldof

The Mercy of the Wheels
Words and Music by John Gorka

The above cover songs are meant only to demonstrate my personal music ability, they are not to be used in any commercial manner.

Artists I Listen To

In no Particular Order...

Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer
Richard Shindell
Eddie From Ohio
Dar Williams
Kasey Chambers
Patty Griffin
Lori McKenna
Gillian Welch
Mark Erelli
Hugh Blumenfeld
Cheryl Wheeler
Lucy Kaplansky
Simon and Garfunkel
Cat Stevens
Grateful Dead
Bela Fleck
The Band
James Taylor
Joni Mitchell
Tori Amos
Indigo Girls
David Broza
Peter Himmelman
Van Morrison
Nickel Creek
Kenny Loggins
Solas/Seamus Eagan
Nanci Griffith
Mary Chapin Carpenter
Harry Chapin
Jim Croce
Lyle Lovett
10,000 Maniacs
Ellis Paul
Pierce Pettis
And many others...


Some Random (and old) shots of me playing :-)

Songleading at Camp Harlam   Playing at an Israeli Independence Day Party in NJ


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