Attic Dormer during Construction- Feature photo shown in the
Home New Tribune on April 4, 2000.

Attic Area before Dormer Construction Began- This photo was shown on HGTV's " New Spaces",
as a "Before " photo of this project.

Finished living space- This photograph shows how built in bookshelves and a window seat make
use of available space, despite a lack of head room space.

Attic Dormered Area- This view shows how storage areas and mechanical spaces are integrated
into the new bedroom area.  The new double hung window in the backround matches the
proportions of the windows on the rest of the home.  Lively colors make the room look bright and

Attic Stairs-  The existing attic staircase remained, but a new handrailing and a new double hung
window with transom was integrated into the area to provide safety, daylight and view.  Again the
window selected matches the overall scale of the rest of the windows of the home.  The mirrored
doors for the closet doors, selected by the client, gives greater depth to the bedroom.