updated: September, 2012



Where Does Love Go?  
  innova 645
  music by Mark Engebretson

includes Where Does Love Go?, Duo Concertante, Events, Energy Drink II, Say a Prayer, But the Sea Wind Blows Them Out, Four Short Songs: a certain sadness

Performances by Alexander Wagendristel, Brooks Whitehouse, Inara Zandmane, Ingrid Wagner-Kraft, Janet Orenstein, John Fadial, Lorena Guillen, Scott Rawls, Steve Stusek, Susan Fancher
Ponder Nothing  
  innova 564
  performances by Susan Fancher, Yoko Yamada, Mark Engebretson

includes Steve Reich, New York Counterpoint, Giacinto Scelsi, Tre pezzi, Mark Engebretson, She Sings, She Screams, Ben Johnston, Ponder Nothing, Wolfram Wagner, Sonata, Alexander Wagendristel, Saxoscope.
Of Erthe and Air  
  Arizona University Recordings
  AUR CD 5014
  music by Hilary Tann

includes Windhover, Of Erthe and Air, Songs of the Cotton Grass, Shoji, Some of the Silence, Shakkei

Performances by Susan Fancher, Due East (Erin Lesser/Greg Beyer), Clara O’Brien, Red Clay Saxophone Quartet (Susan Fancher, Robert Faub, Steve Stusek, Mark Engebretson), Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra, Allan McMurray, conductor.
  Albany Records, TROY 1448
  chamber oratorio by Burton Beerman

Performances by Red Clay Saxophone Quartet (Susan Fancher, Robert Faub, Steve Stusek, Mark Engebretson), Andrea Ray Markowicz, Ella Lewis, Uzee Brown Society of Choraliers, Uzee Brown, Jr., conductor.
In Two Worlds
  innova 736

Includes Morton Subotnick, In Two Worlds, Reginald Bain, Jovian Images, Mark Engebretson, SaxMax, Edmund Campion, Corail, Judith Shatin, Penelope’s Song, James Paul Sain, Slammed, John Anthony Lennon, Aeterna.

Performances by Susan Fancher

updated: February, 2014

Louder Than Worlds
  RCR CD 001

Includes Mark Engebretson, Duo Concertante, Katherine Ann Murdock, Trio Bel Canto, Don Freund, Louder Than Words, Reginald Bain, Not Speaking, Mark Engebretson, An Arc in Solitude.

Performances by Steve Stusek, Susan Fancher, Inara Zandmane, Nathan Daughtrey.
The Conscious Sleepwaker
  Navona Records NV5870
  Music by Alejandro Rutty

Includes A Future of Tango, The Conscious Sleepwalker, Hyperlinks from Tango Loops 1 and 2, Tango Loops 2c, Tango Loops 1.

Performances by Cuarteto de Saxofones 4mil, Mayan City Sinfonietta, Alejandro Rutty, Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, Red Clay Saxophone Quartet, Kiev Philharmonic, Robern Ian Winstin, conductor.
  innova 811

Performances by James Romain.

Includes William Dougherty, Howl, Jianjun He, Sonata, Mark Engebretson, SaxMax, Eric Mcintyre Secondary Impressions I., II., III., and IV., Mark Engebretson, Energy Drink I.
  Mark Records, 50781-MCD

Includes Nancy Galbraith, Febris ver, 

Performances by Susan Fancher, James Romain, Drake University Wind Ensemble, Robert Meunier, director.
Red Clay LIVE! 
  Red Clay Records 1503
  RCR 1503

Ben Johnston, O Waly, Waly, Martin Bresnick, Every Thing Must Go, Russell Peck, Drastic Measures, Gavin Bryars, Alaric I or II, Mark Engebretson, Super Glue

Red Clay Saxophone Quartet is 
Susan Fancher, soprano saxophone
Robert Faub, alto saxophone
Steven Stusek, tenor saxophone
Mark Engebretson, baritone saxophone