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The current crew will be campaigning together for their fourth season in 2004.


Ed Kearns aka: "K-Dog"

Ed Kearns hails from Chicago, IL and has raced scows on Delavan Lake since he was seven. He has skipped E-Scows for four years, and has had the success rate of the Chicago Cubs in the play-offs. In the past he has skipped C-Scows, MC-Scows, and X-Boats. His sailing accolades include one X-Boat Blue Chip and one C-Scow race victory (his first and only). This essentially means he hasn't won a race in over 14 years. Ed has also crewed on scows, where he has met with more success. Currently he crews on a C-Scow for Thompson Day Stritt, D-5.

Joshua Funderburg, Esquire aka:Fundy

Josh currently resides in Naperville, IL, but originally hails from Belvidere, IL. Josh's rookie sailing season was on D-76 in the 2001 season.  Josh has crewed in the foredeck position.  Since there is no foredeck work anymore, Josh will be muscling the big sail downwind and intimidating opponents upwind.  Josh likes music, sports, long moonlit walks, cuddling and "Peeler Bars."

Stephen Ole Jacob Johnson Mattison
aka: Steve

Steve Mattison is making his full-time comeback in 2004.  He is a Blue Chip veteran and has skipped all types of scows.   Like Rocky, he kicks ass.  Steve hails from Belvidere, IL.

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