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Tremblay Genealogy

I've started building The Tremblay Family Home Page, on Family Tree Maker Online, to solicit and offer genealogy information from visitors to that Web site.

You can also visit my Genealogy page ...

Association des Tremblay d'Amerique

There is an Association des Tremblay d'Amerique and you can find its Web site at:


Here's the address if you want more information:

C.P. 133
Loretteville, P.Q.
G2B 3W6

And here's a new website concerning the October 2007 350th wedding anniversary of Pierre Tremblay and Ozanne Achon. All Tremblays in America, whether living or dead, descend from this couple matrried on October 2, 1657, in the Church of Notre-Dame-de-Quebec.


Other Canadian Web Sites

I've run across Canadian Web sites with very good information about some of my ancestors (these sites are written mostly in French, with some English):

And One From France


More Web Sites

Quoting from "John and Sandi's Old Schoolhouse" (former web site),

Pierre Tremblay emigrated to "New France" circa 1652. I've heard there are tens of thousands of Tremblays living in North America who are all descendants of this single journeyman. Although there are several different spellings, "Tremblay" is the original.

Here is the family crest, from the Association des Tremblay d'Amerique web site:

Family News

For you, Joshua, ...

Many family names have been sent into space - look for yours (e.g., look in O'Connor, Rondinone, Tremblay, ...) in Stardust Microchip #2 Names

Cousin Rene V. is featured in this article: Written on the wind: Kites, faith and memories sustain grieving dad

Congratulations to my nieces, Sarah and Danielle, and nephew, Chris, in Texas on their Odyssey of the Mind competitions - here's their school newspaper, The Anderson Star Gazer - in the photo Chris is on the left end and Danielle on the right end ... here and here and here are all three and Dad with the Stanley Cup ... and here are their parents at the Dallas X-Files Expo

Here's my nephew Michael:

From the Domingue branch of the family ... here's a link to a newspaper article about a book "In Our Own Words ... Stories by Brothers and Sisters of Children with Autism and PDD" to which Bethany and Nathan Domingue contributed stories about their brother Nicholas

I finally found some Notre Dame Cemetery information and have added it to this site.

Here are some interview ideas to collect oral history.

New! The latest addition is the introduction of the Collected Sayings of Rene Tremblay - feel free to send me additions.

The following map shows the distribution of Tremblays across the United States in 1920 and 1990:

Tremblays in Nature

There is even a Tremblay salamander (ambystoma.tremblayi) - to learn more, visit:

Quoting from The Salamander Chronicles - Descriptive characteristics,

Compare this distribution map to the one above:

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