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2004 World Series Game 2 Blog

Boston Red Sox KEEP THE FAITH World Series 2004

World Series Game 2 - Oct. 24, 2004 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
St. Louis Cardinals 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 2 5 0
Boston Red Sox 2 0 0 2 0 2 0 0 x 6 8 4

Now on to World Series Game 2 (October 24, 2004):

5:50 PM - Entry from the "Finding Omens Everywhere" file: last sentence of the refrain of this morning's recessional hymn ("Canticle of the Turning" by Rory Cooney, 1990 GIA) - "Wipe away all tears, for the dawn draws near, and the world is about to turn!"

7:39 PM - BONUS #2!

NewEngland Patriots

New England 13, New York Jets 7 - The 21-in-a-row (and counting) Patriots are the NFL's daddy!! The postseason Sox have adopted the Belichek "take it one game at a time" ethic as well as the importance of scoring first ...

7:57 PM - It's not even Family Hour yet, and Fox keeps showing the bloody sock! Kids, turn your eyes from the set ... Now I have to look away, reliving the '46 Series ... who gets interviewed next, Billy Buck??

8:07 PM - For me, James Taylor's rendition of the National Anthem was much better than last night's, but you couldn't exactly sing along with either of them ... at least both singers have had Boston connections - too many times in the past, MLB or the broadcasters selected the singers with no ties to the hosting city ...

8:09 PM - What is the Vegas line on Renteria laying down a bunt during the game's first at bat? It's got to be better than even money ...

8:10 PM - Bennifer II? Ask the experts, The National Enquirer ... saw the couple briefly last night but I don't think the announcers ever commented on it ...

8:19 PM - Fresh blood, becoming a trademark - when will you be able to buy replica socks at the Souvenir Store? ... Edgar's never-bunting AB is why I don't gamble ... Mueller's catch brings out the first sigh of relief of the night ... 24 outs to go - pitch count: 24 (half to Renteria)

8:34 PM - Scott Rolen's play on Damon was not quite 1970 World Series Brooks Robinson-esque but very impressive still ... ALRIGHT! Varitek hit it about as far as you can in Fenway without getting a home run - he is the top free agent resigning priority!! - see my 7:39 PM comment about scoring first ...

8:46 PM - No animals were harmed during the making of that excellent Bud Light commercial (which has really nothing to do with Bud Light) ... Don't you think that the Virgin president's job will be ceremonial, with Branson keeping the CEO and Chairman's powers to himself?

8:49 PM - Another race tonight between walks allowed by Cardinal pitchers and errors made by the Sox ... Mueller ends both innings with line drive snags (heart be still) ... 21 outs to go - pitch count: 40

9:00 PM - "As so often happens" deja vu (see 9:14 PM last night's blog) - difference is tonight Mueller not only started but ended the DP ...

9:10 PM - Best inning yet for Schilling - low pitch count, first K - hope he's getting into his good rhythm ... so far the Cards are as bunt shy with Curt as the Yanks were ... 18 outs to go - pitch count: 49

9:23 PM - An effortless leadoff double by Pujols and my nerves are acting up ... Google can't find McCarver's "glovese" ("gloveze", whatever) ... nice catch, Trot! Thank you for choosing the Sox over playing QB for NC State ... I thought the inning was ending with a play by Mueller again but instead yet another error ... 15 long outs to go - pitch count: 65

9:35 PM - Morris is getting stronger, inducing grounders (and anxiety) - the success of short-rest pitchers should favor the Sox, but it's becoming a serious pitching duel ... it would have been a great carom if Walker had planned to ricochet the ball off the wall on purpose ... Clutch hits by Mueller and Bellhorn again!!! And we still haven't seen Mark nightly homer yet!

9:43 PM - Some of those crowd shots prove all of the idiots in Fenway are not on the field ... I think that was a fur ball with a Sox hat on top of one of the "fans" ... the kid with Damon hair and a painted beard (painted, not tatooed, I hope) was cute ...

9:47 PM - Francona just said I can stop counting pitches - yeah, right (just practicing counting for Pedro Tuesday night) ... Renteria would have been better off bunting instead of going after that low pitch - it produced two outs instead of one ... 12 can't-come-fast-enough outs - pitch count: 73

9:53 PM - I don't know if Mom's fed up listening to the "nanny 911" screaming kid, but I am - the FCC should force Fox to give us warning to have time to hit the Mute button before the ad starts ... Joe Buck, stop it with the blood obsession - it does not look like Oklahoma! Now you're making me stare at it! ... Fallon and Hanks in the Monster Seats! The two best interviews by far - Hanks' "give Buckner a good night's sleep" and mocking the forced Polar Express plug followed by Fallon's "wicked pissah" - fantastic!!

10:10 PM - Another trip through the heart of the lineup (gulp) ... Schilling hasn't been in Boston long enough to join the Holy Trinity of Williams, Orr, and Bird (I think Bill Russell belongs too) ...

Orr, Williams, Bird

Fox gets too many tickets - the cast of That 70s Show" at the game??? ... Buck's "atrocious" is not strong enough to describe all the errors. Eight errors - horrible!!! My brother just called and helped me calm down (he didn't like all those seats wasted by Fox lackeys either). At least the Sox were not penalized by that last spurt of screwups ... Mueller has been in the middle of things, both good and bad, in this Series - move over, Willie Davis, your 38 year old record must be shared (see my 11:38 PM entry from Game 1) ... 9 bullpen-responsible outs to go - likely final Schilling pitch count: 94

10:33 PM - Cabrera hits the wall and Manny hits a Texas Leaguer (a flare, a gork, a dying quail, ...), and so far overwhelming offense overcomes pathetic defense - but for how much longer? And that's before Ortiz has to play in the field in St. Louis!!

10:50 PM - Outstanding pitching by Alan Embree! Kudos to Donna Summer, too ... 6 more outs to go

10:56 PM - Another patented Edmonds over-the-shoulder catch - and a good replay of Say Hey Kid's immortal The Catch ...

11:10 PM - Timlin's walk of Renteria has me starting to say my prayers, especially after McCarver's attempt to jinx the Sox with the 6 straight win reference ... Jason, please go out to the mound and give Foulke time ... Buck sounds too enthusiastic about getting the Cards "back in it" - quit your Fox job and just stay with St. Louis - your objectivity is struggling with your loyalties (Tim, too) ... my mantra in '86 was "The Sox will lose in seven because they always lose in seven" - my '04 mantra appears to be "IT'S NEVER EASY!!" ... Foulke in for yet another stint of more than one inning ... 4 more gut-wrenching outs to go ... Great strikeout of Edmonds! - 3 more outs to go, and the heart of the order has been set down with only 1 run scored ...

11:25 PM - Why is Fox hyping the Daytona 500 in October when the current Nextel Cup season has 4 races to go with no champion yet decided?? The "fan" with the big floppy hat and zebra-lapelled Huggy Bear outfit should have his ticket buying privileges revoked - that's fugly ...

11:33 PM - Here we go with Foulke in the ninth: 1 ... 2 ... 3!!! It's not even midnight - I think the last time that happened, the game started at 5:00 and went 14 innings! HOORAY! However, all the Sox have done so far is keep home field advantage (they have gone from 60% favorites to 77% (thank you, Mr. Buck, but I remember the Sox being 2-0 in '86, and those were road wins); the Cards have been dominant at home, and the Sox must continue to play one game at a time, get Pedro out before it's too late, win at Busch (fortunately Francona has NL managing experience so he knows how to play with double switches and so on) and end our regional nightmare ... I'm going to try and get some sleep, but first, thank you Curt Schilling (ESPN just said he's now the first pitcher to win World Series games for 3 different teams!), thank you Keith Foulke, and thank you Theo Epstein for bringing them to the Sox ... interesting hitting/error stats: hitting leaders after two games - Mueller .500 (3 errors), Ramirez .444 (2 errors), Bellhorn .444 (1 error)

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