Praxis Inquiry
1. Action Oriented Research: Grounded Theory and Grounded Action
2. Grounded Introspection and Grounded Protocols
3. Technology and Learning: A Planning Outline for Secondary Schools
4. The Path: An Embedded Curriculum
5. Literacy in Secondary Schools
6. Definitions & Biographies
Questions, Comments & References
An Action Guide to Dynamic Education Reform in Public Secondary Schools
"In brief, the function of knowledge is to make one experience freely available to other experiences." John Dewey, Democracy and Education, 1916; MW 9:349

Editors' Statement:

Many public schools in the U.S. today (and the world) are failing large numbers of their students. The time has come to re-think systems and challenge the ways we perceive how we learn and assist in the re-education of our educators.

Praxis Inquiry is designed for those interested in gaining insight into the state of public education today and how it addresses change. We believe that learning should be multi-dimensional, culturally specific, global in its perspectives, and hopefully, inquiry-based and transformative.

The world is changing rapidly and education is the one assured way to help maintain the integrity of the democratic principle. We believe that it is the right of every citizen of the world to have the ability to find and understand the "truth".


Comprehensive world knowledge challenges people to critically consider the options that exist in each individual's personal quest for what is right. Hopefully, this bulletin will help guide researchers and educational leaders as they chart a new course through the world of learning.


To this end, we have identified key areas of understanding and, most importantly, discovery. A crucial component of the research sections (Parts: 1 & 2) is understanding and utilizing grounded theory and its related concepts to aid in developing cogent actions for the improvement of organizations. We've also created sections (Parts: 3, 4, & 5) concerning technology, curriculum reform, and literacy. Finally, we inserted a "biographies" page (Part: 6) so that our readers might be inspired by giants in the field of education:

  • Action Oriented Research: Grounded Theory and Grounded Action
  • Grounded Introspection and Grounded Protocols
  • Technology and Learning: A Planning Outline for Secondary Schools
  • The Path: An Embedded Curriculum 
  • Literacy in Secondary Schools 
  • Biographies of Great Educators






"In the long history of humankind (and animalkind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed." Charles Darwin