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I'm a versatile musician with an eclectic taste for many genres.  I grew up in a musical household filled with German folk and classical music, as well as sixties rock & roll. I began learning my first instrument as a teenager when a friend gave me a guitar. I soon established a formidable repertoire of my favorite popular music.

I quickly realized that I needed formal instruction, and began studying with Tom Runyan, a very accomplished jazz and classical guitarist. I also began private piano lessons and enrolled at Pasadena City College, where I completed two years of intensive music theory, history, composition, and performance courses. I later studied with the virtuoso classical guitarist Vincent Macaluso while learning about jazz guitar arranging by hanging out with Howard Heitmeyer while waiting for my lessons with Vince.

I then developed a taste for folk and bluegrass music, and began frequenting music festivals to learn this style. My musical ambitions were postponed by my desire to raise a family on a steady income, but I have recently acquired some recording and mixing equipment. I plan to begin recording many traditional classical works, my own jazz guitar arrangements, and my own compositions.

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My Music  

Darkness Soundtrack- Play or Purchase

Will We Ever Learn - Play or Purchase

Hey George - Play or Purchase

Choro by anonymous composer - Play or Purchase

Aunt Sue - Play or Purchase

One Hour on Mt. Lukens Soundtrack - Play or Purchase


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