The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict: The Evidence

  evidence-based reports | authored and compiled by
constantine kaniklidis
scholars for peace in the middle east (spme) | director, progressive voices for peace in the middle east (pvpme)

false gods: eaford (CERD/ICERD)

International Organization for Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination 
Joining already discredited NGOs hiding under the veneer of a putative “human rights” organizations with outrageous distortions of international law (see our critiques of UNHRC22, UNRWA23, HRW24, and AI25 on this forum), EAFORD (International Organization for Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, formerly, CERD and ICERD) is actually a Libya-founded anti-Israel extremist propaganda group focused  on resurrecting the equation of Zionism with racism and South African apartheid, established from the International Symposium on Zionism and Racism held in Tripoli, Libya in 1976, with close ties to the former Muammar Gaddafi regime, as noted by Anne Bayefsky, distinguished professor of international human rights law with the International Law Association Committee on Human Rights Law and Practice American Society of International Law and others1,2,3.  EAFORD charges without evidence Israel of “ethnic cleansing and massacres” against the Palestinians4  and of the creation of the “largest open-air prison in the world” as an "act of siege and economic genocide"5 and it continues to promulgate the "Zionism is Racism" slander of UN General Assembly Resolution 3379 despite its revocation in 19916,7,8. Like many other rabidly anti-Israel hate groups, EAFORD - like BDS - was born and shaped out of the racism and virulent antisemitism of the first Durban Conference and NFO Forum20 where the foul forgery of "The Protocols of Elders of Zion" was on sale at forum booths along with "Hitler Should Have Finished the Job" posters, and endemic rallies calling for "Kill the Jews" (eye-witness verification from David Matias9, Rapporteur, Commission on Anti-Semitism and U.S. Delegate Tom Lantos10 (see also our exposé of  "Myth of the 'Call'").

This is the same EAFORD that through the anti-Israel UN Human Rights Council - the body that commissioned the shameful, now repudiated, Goldstone Report and which has demonstrated consistently anti-Israel bias [see our: False Gods: UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC)] - posted the outrageous Agenda Item 7, “Israeli Illegal Trafficking in Organs of Dead and Kidnapped Palestinian Victims” that advances the blood libel that “Israeli physicians remove organs [from Palestinians] they think marketable”11. This horrific falsehood was based on an article by Donald Bostrom in Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet12 who subsequently admitted to CNN13 and The Jerusalem Post14 that he had absolutely no proof of any of the outrageous insinuations (note Bostrom won Honest Reporting's 2009 Dishonest Reporter Award15). The charge was based on putative allegations from the family of Palestinian victim Bilal Ahmed Ghanem, but the family themselves admitted they never told any reporter that their son was missing organs (they admitted they performed no autopsy and could not know)16

Furthermore, experts have found the organ harvesting allegations to be ludicrous and medically impossible from a medical perspective, as given the injuries described (including gunshot to chest and abdomen), the organs would not be usable for transplant, as noted by several distinguished physicians including Andrea Meyerhoff MD, Associate Professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (and former FDA Director of Counterterrorism)17 and Dr. Francis Delmonico, a Harvard surgeon and internationally renown transplant specialist who was falsely quoted as he  has charged in the Aftonbladet article, and who found the charges completely inconsistent with his extensive interaction with Israeli doctors, and who further noted in interview with the Wall Street Journal that Mr. Bostrom's scenario in which Ghanem was supposedly shot before having his organs removed for trafficking was "not feasible from a surgical vantage"18.

Yet despite the complete exposure of all these hateful fabrications and despite the call from UN monitoring human rights NGO UN Watch19 among others for  the president of the UN Human Rights Council and the High Commissioner for Human Rights to stop circulating the “anti-Semitic” text, EAFORD, and the anti-Israel Arab-controlled UNHRC has to date failed to respond and remove the slanderous accusations. 

This is fitting: BDS supporters endlessly repeating their falsehoods “backed up” by equally false authorities.  

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evidence-based reports: our reporting

Imperative in this context is a new equity in geopolitics that eschews disproportionate approbation of one actor to the exclusion of all others while also acknowledging the competitive narratives of national ambition and identity in the Middle East, with the need for new engagement and negotiation. 

This misplaced and uncritical reliance on ideological and prejudicial sources has evolved to be a formidable obstacle to peace in the Middle East. It has led to what others have termed a new “soft powerlessness” for Israel whose legitimacy has been successively eroded and who stands accused and convicted in the international arena. And it helps account for the current moribund state of peace negotiation. We therefore realized that what is needed to overcome these barriers to peace is effective confrontation through the exposure and refutation of lawfare as practiced by anti-peace NGOs and obstructionist initiatives like BDS. This will in turn require a new rational and equitable discourse in addressing the clash of competitive nationalist aspirations for self-determination in the same land, in order to achieve a fair and durable peace in the Middle East for Israel, and for the Palestinians.

To that end, I as Director of Progressive Voices for Peace in the Middle East (PVPME) and a member of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (SPME), have authored and compiled a series of evidence-based reports (EBRs) on the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict which are founded on an objective critical systemic review of the core issues and a critical appraisal of the relevant arguments, sustained by scrupulous attention to and respect for principles of international and human rights law.  This demands (1) systematic review of all credible sources on an issue, (2) critical appraisal of all sources extracted for factual basis, (3) cross-confirmation of accuracy wherever viable, and (4) use of the highest caliber of sources available, with preference to peer-reviewed literature.

These evidence-based reports hone to the principles of the evidence-based paradigm and methodology as it has evolved from initial domain of application (medicine) into a broad spectrum of evidence-based practice and research, in the form of evidence-based sociology, evidence-based education and evidence-based teaching, evidence-based psychology, evidence-based crime policy / policing, evidence-based  decision making /policy, evidence-based social work, among many others. We  also commit to industry-standards promulgated by the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) in their SPJ Code of Ethics, and also those of the Ethical Journalism Network (EJN) in their 5 Principles of Ethical Journalism, as well as the principles articulated in The Poynter Institute's The New Ethics of Journalism: A Guide for the 21st Century.    

progressive voices for peace (PVPME)

Progressive Voices for Peace in the Middle East (PVPME), a Brooklyn based initiative, grew out of the recognition that these next-generation obstacles to peace require effective confrontation through counter-lawfare initiatives and the need for a new rational and equitable discourse in addressing the clash of competitive nationalist aspirations for self-determination in the same land.

Director, Constantine Kaniklidis

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