Asskicking Alchemy and Automail
Ed's Words
2003 anime
English Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist 2003

These words are associated with Edward Elric (the poor guy). The authors of this book chose to ridicule Ed quite often, all in the name of teaching English to Japanese Fullmetal fans. Some phrases can be insightful into his character. Some phrases are actual quotes from the anime... Yeah, yeah, you just want to read it.

The format is as follows:
The word:
The word used in a sentence, whose subject material relates to HagaRen.
(comment from AAaA)

Entries listed are EXACTLY as they appear in the book, and usually correspond to the timeline of the anime. Have fun, and don't say you weren't warned!

Ed attempted human transmutation, forbidden in alchemy.
(pretty straightforward)

In Ed and Al's world, they call losing their bodies "having our flesh carried off".
(EWWWWW! And yes, they had the . outside of the endquote. Told ya the grammar can be baaaaad!)

Do you remember Ed was very thirsty and limp when he first appeared in the animation?
(Ed was limp.....)

If we were classmates, I would want Ed to teach me chemistry.
(I would, too.)

As alchemists, they don't believe in salvation at all.
(not at all??)

"I'll show you you're out of your league!"
(picture of Ed threatening Cornello)

"Stand up and walk. Move forward. You have two good legs."
(telling it to Rose)

"I can't even save a little girl. My life is so meaningless."
(angsty there, huh?)

Put "katsu-don" in front of Ed and he'll show an appetite as great as Gluttony's.
(remember that Siren episode?)

I hear Ed's got a weakness for anything soft to the touch. Well, if he's a man, of course he does....
(WTF sexist crap is that??)

He probably can't swim because his arm is made of metal. Or is it that he just can't swim?

It's inevitable that a hero will be dogged by impostors.
(picture of the Tringham brothers)

He is a star who achieved popularity with a speed that is rarely seen.
(Who speaks like that in English, anyway?)

Ed's life must be harsher than any other fifteen-year-old boy in the world.
(more angst...)

When Ed lost the ability to use alchemy, people unanimously treated him as a useless person.
(Again, WTF?? When did people treat him so badly? Never!)

If Ed donned Al as armor, I suppose he would become the strongest alchemist.
(interesting idea)

It is contradictory that Ed has a desire to get back Al's body though he knows the human alchemy is strictly forbidden.
(a little Engrishy there)

The reason why his suitcase seems so big is not because it's large.
(a concealed short joke -_-' )

Does it feel like lightning running through one's body in the moment they connect nerves to Automail?

Ed's bathing scene made his female fans very excited.
(HELL YEAH!!!!!!)

"I have to wear this as a reminder, and as a sign of resolve. Sad to say, I'm a wimpy guy."

"God seems to thoroughly hate humans who violate that taboo."
(Um, but I thought alchemists don't believe in God...)

"So, this is behind the truth...."
(picture of Ed seeing the prisoners being held captive for use in making the Stone)

Ed's artistic talent is vastly inferior to Major Armstrong's.

That he hates milk is a very easily understood set-up.
(No, it's not. Explain.)

Whenever Ed eats apple pie, his favorite, it will remind him of sad memories.
(picture of Hughes)

Neither their looks nor behavior help us figure out which one is older.
(referring to the Elric brothers)

Whenever he is at loose ends, Ed spends his money as freely as a kindergartener.
(Who is giving kindergarteners that kind of money to spend??)

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