Asskicking Alchemy and Automail
2003 anime
English Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist: the movie

Episode summaries and thoughts. Major spoilers!!! Go away if you don't want to know!

Movie rundown, graciously provided by E.O. who was fortunate enough to see the movie in Japan! Most of the synopsis is here, the rest to come soon...
We start off with a Alphonse Elric talking to the masked guy in a factory (Alphonse is in his armor form). The masked guy wants to sell / promote this little bomb he devised to the 'National Alchemist', but Alphonse is disgusted at the idea of it and Edward Elric soon arrives and it turns into a grand fight where masked man ends up using human alchemy to try and do something with a heap of dead bodies. Ed tries to stop him from performing the taboo, but it's too late. He gets sucked into the Gate (together with his bomb) and the vaporous castle they were in collasps. It's then revealed that the Ed and Al of that time were 15 and 14 respectively.


Ed is telling a laughing Alphonse Heiderich that tale while driving. He crashes the car in a ditch (lol) and they end up hitching a ride to their destination with a truckload of gypsys. One of them, Noah seems to be a little bit of an outcast, and she 'sees' things when she makes physical contact with Ed. Ed and Alphonse head to what looks like a carnival. There, Alphonse's pals (Alter!half-chimera gang minus Greed and snake-woman) and him set up a small rocket. Ed is uninterested and goes to rest in the truck. Meanwhile Noah is turned in to the Thule Society that wants to 'buy' her services. She flees, and Ed helps her escape.

He lets Noah stay at the place Alphonse and himself are renting. Apparently Gypsys are despised and hated as loose women who cheat men of their money because they don't have their own country, also snitching the jobs of others. Here we find out that Alter!Hughes (who I didn't pick up a name from, just 'omawari-san' meaning 'Mr Policeman') is one of those who is suspicious of Noah, and Ed makes fun of him to try 'proposing' to the landlady Gracia. Elsewhere the Thule Society starts getting ready for some decisive action...

Meanwhile in the Hagaren world, Winry talks to Sig who says Al went out on his own seeking Ed out. Izumi had taught him everything she knew. We see Al, walking in the middle of a desert, at his last drop of water from his tumbler. He claps both hands together and conjures a well (in the middle of a sand dune) that gushes water out (overkill! O_O). Then we see Winry paying a visit to Izumi's grave (the audience was O_O at that scene) where she finds Wrath nearby in a pathetic state, and offers to fix his battered-up automail. Somewhere else snowy, Havoc & Breda arrive at a small outpost (more like hut) looking for their 'Colonel', who's looking extremely pathetic standing a pile of snow at attention. Inside, he talks to his former subordinates as a lesser officer and even uses a MATCH to light Havoc's cigeratte, stating he hasn't used alchemy since the Bradley incident because it reminds him of his foolish actions (or the like, I don't remember). Havoc and Breda leave and sigh that they initially wanted to persuade Mustang back, but he seems set on staying a guard in the cruel cold. Armstrong's family is in Liol, trying to get the place back on its feet (haha, Armstrong's all sparkly as usual).

Back in the real world Ed and Noah are having lunch when a car drives by and Ed spots Bradley. He pursues the man and knocks his driver out, demanding to know why a Homoculus is still in this world. Bradley is confused. He turns out a regular human, Alter!Bradley, otherwise known as Mabuse, a movie maker. He leads Ed to a castle (well Ed knocked his driver out so had to drive Mabuse there) where he says he's being gone after by a 'dragon'. Rather, a large snake. Ed goes up the tower, half decided on getting outta there when he realizes the threat is real, looking at the damage done to the interior. He's shocked when a very, VERY familiar voice calls his name, and out bursts the green serpent we last saw Envy transform into before diving into the Gate. Serpent!Envy tries to devour Ed, but is attacked at all sides by the Thule Society with gun-mounted planes and stakes (>_< NOOO!!! ENVY!!!!!). The Thule Society's leader, Dietlinde Eckart has Ed held and is somewhat surprised to learn his name, then has someone knock him out with some gas. Serpent!Envy is taken away by planes.

The Thule Society uses Envy as part of their little 'magical circle' and try to get a link to the 'other world'. Envy's head launches to what little we can make out as Hohenheim. Light envelops the place and some people within armors (a lot of variations including the type Alphonse's spirit was trapped in) are transported to the other world.

Liol is suddenly invaded and attacked by the armored warriors. Most civilians are helpless but along comes Al, who transfers a part of his soul into the armors and makes them fight for him. He then alchemizes a tornado to sweep up the remaining armors.

Back in the Thule Society's lair, the armors return due to the 'magic circle' being incomplete. They're all dead, and Ed turns up to interrupt the party. He's shot at, so dives into the heap o armors, suddenly hearing one of them speak in Al's voice. It is an armor that is the exact model he forced his brother's spirit into years go, speaking to him. They fight their way out and talk by a river. Because Al has transferred part of his spirit into the armors, he can communicate with Ed now, but eventually he fades away, leaving Ed alone.

Ed returns to his room. Alphonse and Noah realize he's a little more cheerful than usual. Ed says he may have found a way back. A short while later Alphonse is looked up by a member of the Thule Society wanting to employ his services. That member also talks to Noah for a bit, all this going on without Ed knowing

Back in the Hagaren world, Al is happy at having met Ed at long last. He goes to Central to find some answers. Roy has heard of the invasion and heads to Central too. Winry too, heads there.

Ed meets Bradley again, who talks about the upcoming war and all (during which Alter!Lyla appears for a bit, snobbishly ignoring Ed). Ed decides to intervene with Thule Society's plans. He goes back home and tries to persuade Alphonse to stop helping the Thule Society because his research will only help with the war. Alphonse will have none of it and knocks Ed aside, then coughs blood out (TB?!) claiming that he just wants to leave a mark in this world, HIS world. He leaves.

Hagaren world. Roy is paying a visit to Hughes' grave. Wrath finds Al and leads him to that underground city (when asked why? Wrath just replies something like, 'It don't matter anymore'). Al tries to create a link to our world there, but something is lacking and he doesn't know what. Then a strange grey monstrosity appears. Gluttony, looking very big, ugly and undoubtably hungry. It attacks Wrath, who doesn't actually stand much of a chance until he eats a bit of the 'red stones' leaking from Gluttony. He kinda powers up and rips off a few .... apendages from Gluttony but is overpowered anyway. He finally lands on the Alchemy circle Al just made and rams the automail arm into the middle of it, driving it into rock firmly. Gluttony has, by that time managed to close his large, uncaring jaws upon the younger-looking Homoculus. His blood soaks the ground and Wrath yells to Al to use them both (Gluttony and him) as the exchange to open the Gate to that other world. Al hesitates a bit, but does it when Wrath says it's what he brought Al there for. We then see Wrath looking quite human (um, naked) standing in front of the Gate. It opens and there stands Izumi who welcomes him into her arms, then they disappear. Meanwhile, Winry and Scieszka walk to Hughes' grave to find a bunch of white flowers there already. They think it might've been Gracia and Elisia.

Our world. Ed is back at the Thule Society's lair. He inspects the 'magic circle' and dismisses it as child's play at first until realizing it's an alchemy one. Being the alchemist he is, he completes it. Then wondering what he's doing, touches it with his hands & gloves stained with his blood (he cut himself on some glass while creeping into the place), and the whole thing lights up. He stops in horror, then the Thule Society people come out and persuade him to carry on. He looks up at one point at Envy, and sees Hohenheim in the serpent's jaws, STILL alive. Apparently that was the only way the Thule could get the serpent to calm down. Hohenheim wants his son to return to his world, and closes the serpents jaws upon himself, going in a huge fountain of blood (I never knew a human had that much in him) with Ed screaming. The Thule are happy they're getting what they want. Noah is there to do their bidding; she remembers Alchemy circles from Ed's memory and is helping them because she wants to go to Ed's world (what they all call 'Shambala') because she faces so much persecution in this one. Having no more use for Ed, Dietlinde shoots him (THE BITCH!)(*&$()!^). Fortunately she only hit his mechanical arm and he only passed out to be strapped into the seat of an aircraft Alphonse has made while working for the Thule. Alphonse wants Ed to be happy, to go back to where he came from, so in the midst of the Thule sending off crafts and crafts of their armored warriors into the opened portal leading to 'Shamabala', he sends Ed (who's not all that willing to leave Alphonse behind) on his way. Sadly after Ed leaves, a Thule member who witnessed the deed, shoots Alphonse . Noah is going, "TAKE ME WITH YOU!" as she sees Ed head into the portal, but he leaves without her.

Hagaren world. Well, the Thule crafts have somehow managed to break from of those lil black arms thingies (within the Gate) and have burst right out through Al's Alchemy circle. He's not sure what to think of it at first. Winry and Schiezka were creeping through some tunnel when it collasps under the impact of Thule's crafts wrecking havoc in the underground city and they find Al. A smaller craft comes through and crashes at a site near them, and when the smoke clears they find Ed on the ground whincing. Winry runs up and goes, "And just where have you been?" (awwwww) It suddenly dawns upon Al what terrible things are pouring out of the portal and he runs off in shock. Ed tries to follow but his mechanical leg is mangled beyond repair. This is when Winry smiles and opens that large briefcase she's been carrying all the while. It's Ed's automail limbs. She knows roughly how much he's grown and starts to get to work fixing them back on him.

Central is under attack. People are getting shot down by the armored warriors of the Thule and the millitary isn't holding up too well. While Hawkeye's sharpshooting through the armor's breathing holes does take a few down, they are too great in numbers. Even when Armstrong arrives to help they are still fighting a losing battle. This is when Roy Mustang makes his grans re-entrance into the scene. He well... blows them up and barks out commands to his subordinates (Breda, Hawkeye, Fury and that guy who used to be under Hughes) like in the old days when he was a Colonel. Though he's a corporal, his subordinates still call him Colonel and follow his command. Hawkeye remains after the others have gone off, remaining in a salute while smiling to Roy.

Al is roaming the town getting more desperate at the terror he unleashed. He nearly even tries to resurrect a child crushed by debris before being stopped by Ed who reminds him of the taboo. 'You only wanted to bring me home.' But nonetheless, this war is their fault and they ahve to stop it.

War scene gets real grand and fun with Roy, Al and Ed fighting together against a borderline Dietlinde, who has deemed the inhabitants of 'Shamabala' (the Hagaren world) not fit to live since they aren't the same as she is (she doesn't even think them human). Ed and her are matched evenly in a one-on-one fight but she calls on more of her armored fighters to corner him. Fortunately Al had taken control of them (by transferring part of his soul into them) and they beat Dietlinde.

Ed knows the war will continue unless he goes BACK to the other world to destroy the Alchemy circle allowing the Thule access to their world. He separates himself from Al and Roy, and goes back (poor Al is crying at this). Ah yes, before he leaves, Ed tells Al to 'take care of Winry'...

Ed returns to find Noah holding a dead Alphonse. Dietlinde is gone. Then from a familiar armor comes Al's voice. Ed thinks it's just part of Al's soul talking to him again, but out pops his little brother from inside! He snuck back on, unwilling to be separated again. Says Roy would've by now destroyed their world's portal, and he (Al) wants to continue his travels with Ed like they did 2 years ago (this is where Ed realizes Al has regained the missing part of his memory!) 

Character endings: Winry is no longer waiting for them (woman's intiution; she knows they aren't coming back), she's doing her own auto-mail research. For some odd reason, Armstrong is at Pinako's place playing with plenty of kids. Roze too. Alter!Hughes is stalking Gracia (okay okay he tried to go up and talk to her at last). Hey where's Roy's ending?!

The final ending is Ed, Al and Noah hitching a ride. The former 2 look at the 2 people in the front seats of the truck they're getting on and smile. It's Alter!Scar and Alter!Lust (the audience was laughing XD)... The ending dialogue is Ed saying they can't detach themselves completely from this world (and the upcoming war) because now it is theirs.


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