Asskicking Alchemy and Automail
Episode 50
2003 anime
English Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist

Episode summaries and thoughts. Major spoilers!!! Go away if you don't want to know!


Episode 50:
Does that guy on the army recruitment poster look a little like Basque Gran? No? Ok.
Classical music plays as London gets blown up. Isn't that always the way? Ed realizes he is not in his own body. Hoenheim explains that they are now on the other side of the gate, in a world that did not develop alchemy, but science. Thus the awesomeness of machines such as... zeppelins.
Hakuro's reinforcements arrive at the Mustang uprising in the boonies.
Bradley has a little heart-to-heart with his son, who admits to seeing Bradley come out of a secret hiding spot behind the bookcase. Hawkeye confronts Bradley at the front door, while Mustang sneaks in from the back. Hawkeye pretentds to sell out Mustang, so Bradley goes to look for intruders in his own home. Mustang traps Bradley in the wine cellar for a final confrontation, which won't start until they both lecture at each other some.
The Terminator, I mean, Archer continues his shooting spree at Army headquarters, as other soldiers, including Ross and Izumi, attempt to stop him.
Ed and Hoenheim have their own little heart-to-heart. Hoenheim is summoned by Churchill. Ed demands answers, but is just told by his father that Ed's body has not trasferred to this new world, thus he should should be able to find his way back home using the gate inside himself. Hoenheim leaves by car, and after a distance, sees a crashing zeppelin fall in the area where he had left Ed on his own.
Envy prods Gluttony to take a bite out of Al. After more moaning after Lust, Dante has had it and swipes Gluttony's mind from him, leaving only pure gluttony. He hobbles over to Al, but Wrath interrupts, still begging for mommy Sloth's return. Dante sends Wrath to the Gate, where he gets Ed's arm and leg ripped off. The Gate doesn't disappear afterwards, scaring Envy. He should be more scared of Ed returning from beyond the Gate. Instead, Envy transforms into Hughes to further break down Ed's will (the bastard! using Hughes!). Ed recieves a warning from Dante not to use alchemy near the glowing Al Stone: who knows what would happen? Envy takes this time to beat on Ed, but gets halted by a not quite dead Wrath. Ed is killed by Envy, but not really, since we all know there is a HagaRen movie coming in summer 2005, where Ed is 18, unless of course, that is all just a hoax by the FmA team so that we think we know Ed isn't actually dead, but he is because the movie is not going to be made...
In this episode we learn:
-This episode isn't nearly as trippy as King of Bandits Jing's OVA...
-Now we know how it is that seeing the gate let alchemists know so much about alchemy: they were being shown science! Also, the lives of the people who die in the other world become the source of energy for all alchemy in Ed's world; alchemists have a "gate" in themselves to allow this to happen.
-Mustang's face is the easiest to punch
-Hoenheim poo-poos the Law of Conservation.
Mini-rant: how the hell can Dante use Rose's baby so many times to summon the gate without consuming the baby? And why only Rose's baby? Uhhhh.....
Continuity bobble: how the hell can Envy look like the child of Hoenheim, if Hoenheim didn't have his present body 400 years ago? Genes cannot be carried through transmutation, considering they had explained that Dante and Hoenheim were transferring their souls to new bodies. The new bodies have their own genes, their own looks. Thus Ed should not have been able to recognize his father in Envy.

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