Asskicking Alchemy and Automail
Episode 48
2003 anime
English Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist

Episode summaries and thoughts. Major spoilers!!! Go away if you don't want to know!


Episode 48:
Oh yeah, the army was doing something, huh? They were supposed to be invading some far, out f the way place, but Mustang has stalled his army. Armstrong reveals Mustang's plan to return to the Capitol and take it over from Bradley.
Sloth finally disappears. Winry butts in, somehow... Wait! Ed realizes it's not Winry, yet Al falls for it. Envy takes Al prisoner, suggesting that Hoenheim is behind all of this mess. Envy demonstrates that Al connot be destroyed by damaging his blood seal. Wrath gets desperate, wanting to use Al to revive Sloth, but Envy denies him. Wrath then turns his...... wrath on Ed. Izumi butts in uselessly, letting Wrath escape. She helps Ed hobble out after Envy and Al.
Back at central, those Elric fakers reappear! Doing their fake Elric thing! But this time they pay for it, heh heh heh. City police arrest them due to standing orders to arrest the Elrics. Seems the police don't have images of what the Elrics look like.
Tucker wanders in, giving a display of his insanity. Ed leaves them be. Izumi declares Ed an adult for showing such a mature attitude. Ed uses a gun to fix his leg. With alchemy, people! Ed and Izumi go after Bradley.
Mustang's revolution isn't going to well. They are still stuck at their camp in the boonies, since most of their army won't go along with his plan. But this is according to the great plan, as we see Mustang and Hawkeye are actually Havok and Fury. That means...
The real Mustang and Hawkeye have been in Central all along. Bradley and Hakuro discuss how clever they were to know that Mustang would attempt a revolution. They hint that Gran attempted to do what Mustang is doing. Schemes and manipulations abound! Like, all over the place!
Ross and her unacknowledged admirer free the Elric fakers, then help hide Izumi and Ed from army soldiers chasing them. The fakers give Ed a final page from their father's diary. As Ed and Izumi read the crucial page, the T-1000 busts in. I mean, Archer, with some heavy-duty automail attached.
Yak yak yak. A bunch of adult talk. Ed tells Mustang and Hawkeye that he will destroy the Stone to the extent that no one will remember it ever existed. He goes to the place listed in the Faker borther's father's diary. Mustang and Hawkeye continue on to Bradley's home.
In this episode we learn:
-Mustang looks like he belongs in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure when he wears that hat (not a compliment)
-Armstrong uses his sparkly shirtlessness as an inspiration or a reason for anything ("Why is the sky blue?" Armstrong rips off his shirt, strikes some poses. "Because of THIS!").
-Since becoming the Philosopher's Stone, Al has lost his great reasoning and observational abilities, and Ed has taken them over
-Mustang uses his dashing good looks to sway nurses onto his side; Hawkeye uses her gun.

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