Asskicking Alchemy and Automail
Episode 44
2003 anime
English Alchemist
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Fullmetal Alchemist

Episode summaries and thoughts. Major spoilers!!! Go away if you don't want to know!


Episode 44:
Lila leads Rose to an old abandoned church. Inside a secret passage, Rose is led to the meeting place of the homunculi. Wrath, Sloth, Gluttony, and Lust (pinned to a wall) bow towards the entering pair.
Ed tells Mustang's gang about the homunculi infiltration of the army. Al tells everyone how Archer had res stones placed in Ed's National Alchemist watch. Mustang tells the Elrics how the red stones were used in the Ishvar uprising. Hoenheim tells Ross tales of his youth. Edward tells... err... kicks his father's ass several times. Ed tells everyone how daddy Elric left his family, and how Lila happens to wear the same perfume as Hoenheim. Mustang tells Hoenheim about how Bradley has a family. Hoenheim tells several people about the nature of homunculi.
Al doesn't share Ed's hateful attitude towards their father. He decides to spend some time with daddy overnight. As a result of their conversation, Al wonders what he had received in exchange for losing his body to alchemy. Hoenheim disappears.
Hiding in Pinako's basement from a newly arrived military group, Scieszka accidentally spills to the Elrics news of Hughes's death. Pissed off, they charge out of their hidey-hole, only to be laid the smack-down by a speech of Pinako's.
Hoenheim reappears! At the homunculi's hideout! He confronts Lila! He calls her Dante! The two fight alchemically without transmutation circles! They talk smack! Calling each other "old!" Ohhh, snap! Anyway, Hoenheim tries to make a deal with Lila/Dante, to heal her rotting body, in exchange for her leaving his sons alone.
Ed goes and gets the item he intended to retrieve from Rizenbul, descecrating his mother's grave to do so.
In this episode we learn:
-Armstrong's shirt removal is faster than your eye can follow
-Al can swim, now that he is the Philosopher's Stone. Yay! How wonderful! Swimming! That and his blood seal doesn't wash away. And he can't swim too well.
-Ed doesn't approve of his flirting father
-the elrics don't seem to ever listen to all the speeches they get about the childishness of acting childish.

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