Asskicking Alchemy and Automail
Episode 29
2003 anime
English Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist

Episode summaries and thoughts. Major spoilers!!! Go away if you don't want to know!


Episode 29:

Picking right up from the last episode, the mysterious person on the island revealed himself to Ed, Al and Izumi. The boy gets scared at seeing Izumi cough up blood, tries to throw rocks at the party, and Ed rushes at him, seeing the boy transmute his hand into stone. The boy's clothes also fall apart into leaves when Ed sits on top of him. Izumi comes over, sees a scar on the boy's arm, and covers him with a jacket before Ed can see it. They take the boy to Izumi's home.

Ed is suspicious about the kid, thinking he may be another one of the homonculous, but doesn't tell Izumi his fears. Izumi keeps Ed away from the boy anyway, for her own reasons. Later that night, Ed breaks into the boy's room, confronts him, and in fear, the boy transmutes himself as part of the bed, just through his frightened thoughts. Izumi barges in, kicks the crap out of Ed, and calms the boy down so he could return to his original form.

Scieszka visits Gracia and Elycia Hughes. Upon leaving their home, she sees Mustang and Havok in a car. She chews Roy out a bit for seeming to not care about the circumstances of Hughes's death, throwing some books at Roy, the last items Hughes was looking at,

Sloth gives orders to Envy, while Bradley works in his office, oblivious. Envy remarks that Sloth is the youngest of the homonculous. Sloth dispatches Envy after Ed, while Lust and Gluttony are to take care of Greed. She wants Ed to create the Philosopher's Stone, but not find out anything about what happened in Ishvar.

Ed speaks to Izumi about the homonculous chasing him, and reveals, in detail, what happened during the time when he and Al attempted to revive their mother through alchemy. Ed claims to have seen "the truth," a great doorway that was full of the information of the world. In exchange for seeing this information, the spirits in the doorway took Ed's lower left leg. At this point, he came-to, saw the hideous creation that was his mother, yet Al was missing. Now that Ed knew about hte doorway, he forced himself back towards it (somehow), and ripped Al's soul back from the beyond, offering to sacrifice whatever was needed to return Al to the land of the living. His right arm was taken, and he placed Al's soul in a suit of armor. When this was done, their mother's body had disappeared.
Armstrong has to escort around Lt. Col. Frank Archer, who has taken Hughes' place, as the one in charge of the court investigative branch.

Ed now recalls seeing the mystery boy in the domain of the information doorway, and insists the boy is not human. After all, only he and Izumi can use alchemy without an array... Izumi orders Ed to stay away from the boy, while she heads back to the island to check on something. Ed, of course, disobeys her, and confronts the boy again, after Al speaks to Winry about his own suspicions (remember the previous episode?). Ed finally sees the boy's arm, and the scar which looks exactly like the one Ed had gotten when bitten by a fox. The boy gets all scared at Ed's ravings about equivalent trade, and runs out the window, with Ed following. A freaky lizard man watches them run through the town.

Back on the island, Izumi coughs up more blood and cries as she sees a trail leading away from a stone formation.
In this episode we learn:
-Breda thinks it's funny to impersonate Armstrong, in order to keep Roy's staff on their toes
-Roy and staff don't completely trust Armstrong's alligences
-Winry sleeps clutching a wrench (wierd!). Izumi's husband sleeps with his eyes open (gross!)
-Al admits that Ed is a big liar, but not always

Note: What was the event that allowed Izumi to see "the truth" (although, she does not believe that doorway was "truth" as Ed believes it)? And how does Izumi and her husband know how a homonculous is created? And why do her sandals say "WC?"

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