Asskicking Alchemy and Automail
Episode 18
2003 anime
English Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist

Episode summaries and thoughts. Major spoilers!!! Go away if you don't want to know!


Episode 18:
Ed and Al rushed back to Central City, looking forward to finding Marco's research on the Philosopher's Stone, only to find that the library branch containing the papers was destroyed in a fight between Scar and the homonculi, Lust and Gluttony. They also pick up a new pair of bodyguards from the army, Ross and some unimportant guy. The Elrics are super bummed, but find a former employee of the library with a perfect memory, and who has happened to have read Marco's notes. Scieszka rewrites the notes word for word, a list of cooking recipes. Ed realizes this is just code, a very difficult one. After days of poring over the code, and making a deal with Hughes to get the former librarian hired for Hughes's branch in exchange for extra yet less strict bodyguards, the Elrics finally discover that living humans are one of the components necessary for making the Philosopher's Stone.
In this episode we learn:
-Murphy's Law works overtime for the Elrics
-There is some relation between Lust and Scar
-Ed isn't actually used to not being recognized as the Fullmetal Alchemist
-Ed gets a LOT of money from the government in order to conduct his research

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