Asskicking Alchemy and Automail
Episode 12
2003 anime
English Alchemist
Fullmetal Alchemist

Episode summaries and thoughts. Major spoilers!!! Go away if you don't want to know!


Episode 12:
The story of the false Elric brothers concludes. Fletcher and Russell were trying to continue their father's, Nash, research on turning the red water into a Philosophers Stone, so they could receive information about Nash from the town's resident rich guy. Fletcher guilted his older brother into stopping the research, which had been harming the townspeople. As Lust tried to have this episode's baddie do her bidding, he speechifies to the imprisoned fakes that a Philosopher's Stone could easily be made by having pregnant women drink the red water, and then harvesting the crystals that form in their placenta (hinting that the fetuses are sacrificed to create the Stones). The true Elrics never learn of this method of Stone creation. Things end happily when Ed and Al free Fletcher and Russell, and although they chase down the bad guy, during which the red spring water threatens to spill into the town, Fletcher and Russell use alchemy to get the surrounding trees to absorb the overflowing red water, then destroy the trees.

In this episode we learn:

-Ed learns nothing about the Philosopher's Stone. AGAIN!
-*WE* learn about a horrid secret of the Philosopher's Stone
-bad guys are so so bad
-it is a known fact to some that the Elrics have golden eyes.

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