Asskicking Alchemy and Automail
Episode 25
2003 anime
English Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist

Episode summaries and thoughts. Major spoilers!!! Go away if you don't want to know!


Episode 25:
Just have yer hankies ready when watching this episode.
We see Hughes pays Mustang a visit. Roy is in pretty bad condition. Thinking about the things he had to do during the war as a battle alchemist have probably weighed down on his conscience, as he has been researching human alchemy, in order to restore the lives the army has killed during the war in Ishvar. Roy reveals to Hughes that he wishes to become the head of the army in order to change the way the army runs itself, and prevent more disaters like Ishvar. Hughes resolves to help Roy advance in rank any way he can, give Roy pushes up from below.
Ed and Al decide to leave Central and visit their alchemy teacher, to see if she has any ideas on how to create a Philosopher's Stone without sacrifcing humans to do so. Winry tags along, hoping to see the mecca of automail on the way to Izumi's place. Or so they tell the army. The Elrics actually intend to head to the Ishvar settlement in the mountains, where Scar was headed, and ask about the rumors that the Philosopher's Stone was actually made in Ishvar, where they do not practice alchemy. They ride off on the train with Mrs. Hughes's goodies in hand.
Meanwhile, Hughes is still investigating what was going on in the 5th laboratory. Bradley sticks his nose in Hughes's work again, and gives a story about his own research on the 5th lab being complete, laying the entire blame for the experiments in there on Gran. Hughes begs to differ with Bradley, saying he has found an extensive list of army officials, including higher-ups, all of whom have died when they had gotten too close to the secret of the Philosopher's Stone. Bradley encourages Hughes to keep looking into it, then.
Hughes wishes to speak with Marco, who has been hidden away by Bradley's secretary, Douglas. She alone knows Marco's location, in order to keep him safe. Hughes works in his office late at night, and makes the looong connection that the war in Ishvar was started by a single bullet fired by a soldier named Douglas. He rushes around, giving orders to Scieszka, then firing her and telling her never to come back, when Douglas finally agrees to show Hughes to Marco. He senses its a big fat setup, trying to draw answers out of Douglas, but she is nonchalant about his line of questioning. After kicking awesome ass all over the place, Hughes gets away, only to be suckered by Envy's final transformation into Hughes's wife.
On the train, Ed, Al and Winry are oblivious to the previous days's events, and yak about how nice Hughes had treated them all. Awww. Sentimentalism.
In this episode we learn:
-Hughes dies!
-Hughes %^$^$#&$# DIES!
-*^*^%$&^$ HUGHES &%$^%$ DIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-That is SO &%^$^%# unfair! &$%! (And Douglas, Bradley's secretary, is Sloth, another homonculous with weird purple gooey powers and happens to sound and look like Tricia Elric (WTF???), but you aren't actually told that in this episode, but I am pissed off about Hughes, so there you go.)

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