Asskicking Alchemy and Automail
Episode 2
2003 anime
English Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist

Episode summaries and thoughts. Major spoilers!!! Go away if you don't want to know!


Episode 2:
A continuation of the events of the first episode. A mysterious woman scolds Cornello for letting other people know he is not truly working miracles. Rose finds out that Cornello created a chimera that only sounded like her boyfriend. He could not actually bring her boyfriend back to life. Cornello has to cover up his mistake, so he sics the chimera on Rose. She is saved at the last minute by Al. Ed and Al set up the priest so that when he gives his bad guy speech about his evil plans on hoodwinking the city into becoming his blind slaves, it is broadcast on a radio for all the city to hear. Ed and Cornello fight, during which Cornello's Philosopher's Stone shatters. It was a fake! Ed gets pissed off and leaves. The mysterious woman returns to Cornello. She stabs him with her fingernails, and the grunt by her side wants to eat the body... Ew. This would be Lust and Gluttony. Lust has Envy take the form of the priest and reconvince the townspeople that he really does work miracles... and they believe him!
In this episode we learn:
-Ed is able to perform alchemy even without his National Alchemist insignia
-Lust seems to have a past with Ed and Al
-Ed and Al are only trying to restore their bodies to their original forms
-the townspeople are major suckers

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