Asskicking Alchemy and Automail
Episode 51
2003 anime
English Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist

Episode summaries and thoughts. Major spoilers!!! Go away if you don't want to know!


Episode 51:
Al is in denial. Wrath is a little upset that the rest of his body was done in by Envy. Gluttony makes a break for Al bound to the array.
The Termina... I mean, Archer goes after something scummy at Bradley's place, but literally runs into Hawkeye, and Bradley's family, on the road.
Bradley continues giving Mustang the beat down, along with the obligatory bad guy speech about how pathetic the good guy's intentions are. Bradley's son interrupts, bringing his father's treasure, just what Mustang needed to turn the tide. Bye bye Bradley?
Pissed off, Al continues to use his body, which is now the Stone, as alchemical fuel to have a little vengeance on Lila/Dante. He begins to dissolve Gluttony, then turns to reviving Ed.
A wounded Hawkeye catches up to Archer at Bradley's house, unloading a clip into Archer before he could fire at an exiting Mustang. Bye bye Archer? She's a little too late, as we see Mustang has collapsed at the mansion entrance, a pool of blood underneath his body.
Envy meets up with a numb Ed at the Gate. Hearing Ed's father is still alive, Envy continues his obcession with killing his "dad," attempting to pass through the Gate. Bye bye Envy?
Wakey wakey Ed. Check out your restored life, and right arm. It's real! But Al is...
Gluttony goes after Lila. Bye bye both of you?
Not learning anything at all, Ed attempts to bring back Al.
Sciezcka gives a summary of "The End" halfway through the episode. The military turned over power of the government back to the country's parliament due to Bradley's disappearance. Things with Ishvar are peachy keen. Mustang really is ok. Al is back, as a 10-year-old with no memory of anything afterwards. Wrath is fixed up with automail just like Ed was. Ed is... nowhere?
And now we return to... Munich? And Hoenheim?? And Ed is there (without the renewed limbs that Al had given him)??? WTF???? And he still isn't learning, not believing in science, thinking that flying in a rocket will take him either to his planet or to some ether that he can use for alchemy.
In this episode we learn:
-Archer got a fake driver's license
-Breda thinks he can match poses with Armstrong
-Ed thinks Einstein is flaky
-Ed might have traded his brain for his new life

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