Asskicking Alchemy and Automail
Riza's Words
2003 anime
English Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist 2003

These words are associated with Riza Hawkeye. The authors of this book chose to portray Riza as strong, confident, maybe even... domineering? Some phrases can be insightful into her character. Some phrases are actual quotes from the anime.

The format is as follows:
The word:
The word used in a sentence, whose subject material relates to HagaRen.
(comment from AAaA)

Entries listed are EXACTLY as they appear in the book, and usually correspond to the timeline of the anime. Have fun, and don't say you weren't warned!

Riza shoots a gun so accurately that her bullet would go through a pinhole.
(Except that bullets are larger than pinholes)

How does Riza have the strength to wield twin pistol with such skinny arms?

Riza seems almost perfect, but we'd like to reject her taste in choice of names.
(Picture of her with Black Hayate)

When they are disciplined by her, her pets' lives are at risk.
(Poor pets.)

Riza is the kind of woman who upbraids her superior when it is necessary.

When we see Riza's harsh attitude with Roy, we wonder if she really loves him.

"You're useless on rainy days. Please stand back."
(Speaking to Roy)

One word from her can sometimes carry the power to drive a man to the brink of despair.

If Roy is a tree's trunk, Riza is its branches.

Military ceremonies are rare opportunities to see her in a skirt.
(Or you can see her undercover in one in Tobenai Tenshi)

Riza can reveal her femininity by only taking off her jacket.

Riza shows her weak side only to Roy.

"Until he achieves his goals, I'll pull the trigger without hesitation."
(Is that true love or what?)

I'm jealous of Black-Hayate's ability to see all of her private life.
(Picture of Riza getting out of bed... PERVS!)

Her smile is Roy's, so male fans should give her up now.
(A threat!)

When Riza holds her gun, her eyes are as keen as those of a hawk tracking its prey.


Picture quiz time! Answer the question. The answer is at the bottom of the page!
What is the relationship between Roy and Riza?
A: They are a boss and his subordinate B: They are rivals in love C: They are more intimate than friends but still not quite lovers.

Riza is not trying to seduce fans, but just trying hard to carry out her mission.
(aww )

If Riza were my homeroom teacher, I would be happy and scared at the same time.
(Me too, I think)

She is that rare female character who has more female fans than male ones.
(She does?)

Even though Riza is a woman, being braver than anyone else makes her invaluable.
(Are they trying to put down women?)

As Riza is always in military uniform, her femininity is accentuated when she is in plain clothes.
(I didn't think she was there to be sexy)

When she is agitated, Riza impulsively refers to her boss without his title.
(more true love?)

You could say being Roy's companion, rather than being an officer, is her life's work.
(Hmm, not love...)

In the end, her pistol was finally able to bring down Roy's heart.
(What?? She didn't shoot Roy!)

Pop quiz answer is "A"

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