Trucking with "Coaster" Heavy Haul and Open Sided Equipment

Okay I really didn't move Mount Rushmore, it's still in South Dakota, but I've had a lot of fun with this 
                                               image. Hope you like it too.

    Coaster is my CB handle, my name is Edd and I haul oversize loads all over the country. My wife Polly goes with me some times, so if a caption uses the word "we" then she was with me when I took the picture. She is my best critic, and sees shots that I don't some times. This page is dedicated to trucks, some of them I have driven, some I just liked the look of.

This in a rest area near the town of Moab Utah.  Hey! we even deliver electricity. Salt Flats, Texas
This shot just grabbed my attention. Alameda, California. I had to take a boat to get this shot Deer Island, Massachusetts.

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