1991 Reunion Pictures
South Fork Baptist Church

J.W. & Billie "Cagle" Taylor
with their daughter, Ann & David Blase.
Billie received a salad bowl as a gift
as a prize for being in the three-way tie
for the Cagle having the most family present.

Lola Mae "Clark" Fair.
presents white bible to
to Evan Rutherford (being
held by his dad, Chuck)
for being the youngest Wells
present. Evan is
Nancy Jo "Wells"
Rutherford's grandson.

Lola Mae Fair (left) presents
a gift to Dale Weeks for being
the oldest Wells present.
(Dale's mother was a Wells)

Lola Mae Fair presents
a prize to Jason Hanes
of Hooks, Texas, for being
the youngest Cagle present.
(Jason is Ross Cagle's grandson)

Lola Mae Fair presents a gift to
Nancy Jo "Wells" Rutherford
for having the largest Wells' family present.
In back:
Teresa "Rutherford" McMahan;
Kathy & Chuck Rutherford holding son Evan;
In Front:
Bryan Rutherford, Josh McMahan; Jessica McMahan
Nancy and Charles Rutherford

Lola Mae Fair presents
the door prize to
Linda "Cagle" Hanes.
The prize was a clock furnished
by Norma Jones, Van Buren, Ark.
(Ross Cagle & Bob Wells in back)

From left:
Jerry Cagle, Kilgore, Texas;
Nancy Jo "Wells" Rutherford
and Ben Cagle Jr., Kilgore, Texas.
(Nancy is holding her grandson,
Evan Rutherford)

Lola Mae Fair
presents a gift to
Loretta "Cagle" Bingam
of Houston, Texas, as
the Cagle traveling the
longest distance.
She is the youngest daughter
of Richard & Edna Cagle.

Lona Cagle received a relish dish
as one of the three Cagle families
tied for most family present.
Pictured are:
Ben Cagle Jr., Jerry Cagle, Lona Cagle,
and Nell Cagle--all from Kilgore, Texas.

From left:
Raymond Wells, Ross Cagle,
Lona Cagle, and Bob Wells

Lola Mae Fair presents
a candy dish to
Nancy Jo "Wells" Rutherford
for having the largest
Wells family present.

Lola Mae Fair presents a gift to
the oldest ones at the reunion:
Lona Cagle, 84, Kilgore, Texas;
and Don Weeks, 85, Gurdon, Arkansas.
(Ross Cagle & Bob Wells to the right)
(Edna Cagle in blue dress to right)

Ross & Jean Cagle
with daughter, Jean Hanes,
and her son, Jason, all from
Hooks, Texas.
This is the third of the
Cagle families that tied for
having the most Cagles present.

Lola Mae Fair presents
a coffee mug to Ross Cagle, 76,
for being the oldest Cagle present.

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