The Things You Learn About Spy Ware!

By Inferno



In the past few days There have been some wonderful and very serious discussions on The Gameboomers Message Board, a "home away from home" for me and a place where I often hang my virtual hat. We've been speaking about the dangerous of Spyware and the like with particular regard to the "Pest Infestations" our beloved Computers can unfortunately pick up while we "surf the net". I've decided to catalog them here and provide a link to some of the discussions for the benefit of my readers as well. 

To be sure these Virtual maladies can slow down our systems and as a direct result can render them practically useless. And just what will
we do if we just allow ourselves sit ideley by and let these vermin
dictate what goes on inside the privacy of our own Computers? Not be playing Myst4, Lights Out, Silver Earring or online games much, I can promise you.

We must be ever vigilant in our defense against this type of scumm! do we do this you may very well ask???

 The answer here is a simple one:


I also was very pleased to note that Mr. Howes does not belong nor is financed by any of the groups or sites he writes about. Very objective. All in all, a well done investigation, Mr. Howes!

It is truly my wish that all of you will take the time to learn about this very grave danger that we all face every time we connect to the Internet. It will never go away, it will only get worse and more and more virulent. I feel that it touches all of us and everyone else who surfs online. I receive countless emails asking to help with a game only to find that part of the reasons it won't work is because their systems are so heavily bogged down with this garbage. It is my sincere hope that this research will be of some help to one and all.

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